A wonderful article on difference between Awareness & God

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A wonderful article on difference between Awareness & God
The debate should be always confined to the limits of relative reality and should not enter the level of absolute reality because none can even touch the absolute reality. In the absolute reality, God alone is real and everything else, which is the Creation including yourself becomes unreal with respect to God. This Creation is a process or activity or work of God. Energy is a form of work, since energy or power is dynamism of God. Matter is another form of Energy. Space is again another subtle form of Energy. Therefore, in the level of absolute reality the entire Creation is just a relative reality, which is the work of God. Since you are also a part of the Creation, you are also a part of the relative reality. Therefore, you are just part and parcel of the work of God. Your body is matter and hence it is a part of the work of God. The awareness is a special work of inert energy along with matter functioning in a special machine called nervous system including the brain. This awareness is called as Jiva, which is the work of energy of the neurons in the nervous system. This inert energy is the Soul, which is called as Atman and is not changed in any way by Jiva. Whether you identify yourself as body or Jiva or Atman, it is immaterial because all these three are other than God and form the part of the work of God only and not God.

The work of God becomes imaginable on analysis. God is unimaginable since He is beyond analysis. Therefore, you should not enter the field of absolute reality during the debate for two reasons: 1) You can never enter the field of absolute reality by any effort and 2) Assuming (Just theoretical assumption only) that you have entered the absolute reality, you yourself become unreal and there is no chance of continuing your debate any more.

In the field of relative reality, there is a clear distinction between matter, energy, space, work, etc., . Keeping this difference in the mind, let us start the debate on awareness. The Advaitin in self meditation says that he is aware of awareness only and nothing else. This is said to be the perfect state of meditation in which the Advaita Philosophers like to continue forever. Let us carefully analyze this state of meditation. Their statement mentions two words ‘aware’ and ‘awareness’. The word aware indicates a process or work since it is a verb. The word awareness is the object that is essentially required by the verb. The Advaita says that the subject ‘I’ is none but the object of the process of knowing and this process is termed as awareness. Since the subject and object are one and the same, which is called as awareness, we have to limit the debate to the verb and object (which is also subject) only.

The requirement demands that the object must be different from the verb. The object and the verb cannot be one and the same under any circumstances. When we say that some person is walking, here there is only verb without the object. When we say the word food, here the object remains without verb. Therefore, there can be a verb without the object and similarly there can be an object without verb. But when we say that somebody is eating the food, here, both the verb (eating) and object (food) co-exist separately. Hence you cannot prove the identification of object with the verb at any place. Hence you have to establish whether the awareness is a verb (work or process) or an object.

It cannot be both, since oneness of verb and object is impossible. You may say that in the statement that one is enjoying, the verb enjoying includes the object which is joy. Thus, you may argue that the verb and object can become one and the same. Here the word enjoying indicates both the process of enjoying and the object, which is joy. Here the single word (enjoying) is indicating two items and the two items need not be one item since the indicative word is one.

Now we have to examine whether the word awareness is a verb or object. The examination requires both scientific verification and logical discussion. The truth cannot be established unless both these synchronize. The scientific verification means the practical experience, which should be correlated with the logical debate before establishing the truth. By mere logical debate, one may establish that white is black, but that cannot be true since the practical experience contradicts it. Similarly, mere practical experience cannot be accepted as truth without the subsequent logical discussion. A fellow due to defect in the eye may experience the existence of two moons in the sky and his practical experience cannot be accepted since logical debate disproves it. The logic says that since the practical experience of many normal persons contradicts it, the experience of that person cannot be true and hence his eyes must be defective. Therefore, we should prove the truth in both the directions.

The practical experience, which is the scientific analysis accepted by all scientists based on practical observations using sophisticated instruments is that the awareness is a process of transfer of information from the senses to a specific part of the brain or vice-versa through the electro chemical flow of neuron cells. The transfer of electrical pulses within the neuron cells takes place with the help of sodium and potassium ions and with the help of other chemicals between the neuron cells. Hence, awareness is simply the process or work, which is transferring the information from one place to the other.

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Awareness and God

To a lot people including Dattaswami it is difficult for him to accept a non dual reality. However the substratum of all reality is non dual. Even Scientists are comfortable with this theory and consider it a possibility. Spiritually too if God were separate from his creation then we would always be divided against each other. Actually all creation is one but we have imposed our value system in understanding the world. We always feel we are different from other beings and that is why we are unable to love other beings. We regard a particular animal to be sacred and another to be defiled and unholy like the pig. In a non dual world all beings and everything is one even God and in this unified world there are no concepts of the mind that create division and hatred. In a non dual world there cannot be a Brahman and a Sudra all creation including animate and inanimate objects are one. God is you in your pure state of awareness and duality (maya)is the ignorance that causes sorrow and death and is what separates us from our creator. Experience your oneness with God. Let not people like Dattaswami keep you in ignorance.

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Veda says that God created this Universe only for entertainment

The analysis to know that God is beyond analysis is also analysis only. Therefore, the direct meaning of the word Aakasha Deepam is that God is unimaginable, since He is beyond spatial dimensions. The extension of this concept is useful to the spiritual aspirant. The entire creation is within the dimensions of Space.

Since God is beyond Space, it automatically means that God is beyond creation (Neti Neti…). He is not the creation. He is only the supporter of creation. Pot is not mud. Mud is the supporter of the pot. If God is creation, the purpose of creation is lost. Veda says that God created this Universe only for entertainment (Ekaaki Naramate…).

If God is the creation itself, again God becomes alone and cannot have any entertainment. For entertainment only, He wanted a second item, which must be different from Him (Sadviteeyamaichchat). The support is quite different from the supported item. You cannot say that both are one and the same. Entertainment is of two types. In the first type, you see the drama from outside. In the second type, you enter the drama in a role and entertain yourself.

While acting in a role, you are also seeing the entire drama. If you are the single actor and become everything in the drama, you cannot have any entertainment. If you become everything, there is no possibility of entering the drama. Veda says that God entered the creation (Tat Srustva Tadevaanu Praavishat).

Unless the creation is different from God, how can He enter the creation? One cannot enter himself.

If you bring the statement of Veda that all this creation is Brahma (Sarvam Khalvidam Brahma…), this contradicts the other Vedic statement, which says that nothing in the Creation is God (Neti Neti…, Nedam tat…). Hence, the word Brahma in the first statement must have a different meaning other than God.

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