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We commit ourselves to various causes and some are so sincere as to lay down their lives. We spend lot of time and effort in finding something that would give meaning to our lives. I call it ignorant arrogance to think that life otherwise has no value except that which we give to it. In Gita it is said that a "Sages look with an equal eye upon a BRAHMANA endowed with learning and humility, on a cow, on an elephant, and even on a dog and a dog-eater (outcaste)" Gita 5.18. To a Sage it is Life (all life forms) which is sacred rather than our interpretations. To comit to a cause is not wrong if we do not forget to undermine the whole for a fragment.

It is useful to make a distinction between God's creation and our interpretation of it. The former is full of wonder and has an intrinsic value which may be difficult to comprehend by a commercial mind with a parochial attitude. When we begin to value life as a whole for what it is though we may not know precisely what it is, we invest less and less in our subjective beliefs and start to shed them.

We may still remain committed to causes but not with blinders so as to miss the beauty of life as a whole. Would it not be good to bring a sense of wonder back to our lives?

"One sees This as a wonder; another speaks of This as a wonder; another hears of This as a wonder; yet, having heard none understands This at all!" Gita 2.29.