The witness is that, which witnesses the person and the world together

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As a person the mind is not aware aware of the fact that, the true self is which, witnesses the person and his experience of the world together. And the witness is apart from the person and his experience of the world. Since it is not an entity or identity within the mind. But it is the invisible substence of the mind. The person and his experience of the world together is mind.

Limiting the mind to the physical entity is cause of the ignorance and one is caught in the web of ego. Until seeker becomes aware of the fact that the individual experiences are nothing to do in pursuit of truth.

The love, compassion and virtues and service, conducts,service to human kind are good for the society. But they are not qualification to acquire wisdom.

Until and unless seeker is aware of the fact that 'I' is not the self but 'I' is mind. And mind is the whole experience of duality in which person perceives the world as an individual.

The mind which appears and disappears as Waking,dream and disappears as deep sleep. Therefore it is necessary to know the invisible knower of the mind which appears and disappears. Because person and the world are within the mind. Therefore a person cannot take the authorship of the mind, because mind is dependent on the invisible witness.

There is no point in arguing with those who view and base the worldview on the base of physical self. Because they are unaware of the fact that, physical body is dependent on something else to function itself as person and perceive the world. If physical body is independent functioning on its own then their viewpoint can be accepted as truth.

Thus taking authorship of someone else's experience and claiming as his own is erroneous. They need to wake up and verify the fact that they are not their own experience something else is experiencing them. There is no use of convincing those because they believe only in their accepted truth not universal truth.

In the beginning the mind resists to inquire. But by constant reflecting into the nature of the mind it becomes receptive, and able to grasp and assimilate, the knowledge of the true self or the spirit.