Wiseacring about Soul

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Philosophizing about the subject of Soul has been a favourite passtime and is fraught with danger. Human intellect as understood in modern world is such a non flexible slow something which can grasp at only the very gross facts. Soul or Atman being subtler than the subtlest is way beyound its reach. There could be three ways in which we could approach it.

First is the way of Vedanta which in modern times is best epitomised by Ramana Maharshi which is an idealist or transcendental approach. There is thus this one reality without a second which is the warp and woof of universe.

The Second admits of Soul or Atman which is not created but something which is of the nature of GOD and to know it is to know the mysteries of GOD. It is neither identical nor different from GOD.

Third is a more pragmatic approach which says that Soul is something to be acquired after much labour and it ought to be the main objective of life. This is an approach which is as old as the idealist (Vedantic) and probably originating from common ancient source.

According to this view man is made incomplete by nature and can acquire perfection by energizing and balancing the three mutually contradicting forces.

Men could therefore be classified as Intellectual, emotional or body type depending on where the center of gravity lies. Man must cross a certain obstacle which forces him to remain in the clutches of primordial Nature and a conglomeration of various urges or self (personalities). For this development to culminate in full development of potential he must have a balanced growth.

He is said to have gained IMMORTALITY if and when he discovers his Soul following the balancing of Three contradictory forces in him developed to full measure.