Wisdom of the..."HEART"

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Distinguishing true Love from the one that is only an illusion is based on the Respect that you are capable of giving and the one you receive, in the potential that rises in you to develop new paths, because Love does not deviate you from your way, on the contrary, it guides you… Being a better person, more sensitive and connected to the needs that are around you, these are examples of what true LOVE moves you closer to, to the most beautiful things, it can never cause you destruction, deformation of your being, anger, or any other negative reaction, and if it does, then it`s only one more illusion…
True Love helps you evolve…!!!

Flora Rocha...


With more LOVE...

With more HAPPINESS....

With more SENSITIVITY....

With more CONNECTEDNESS......

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Beautiful essay. One of the

Beautiful essay. One of the main challenges of the modern human in the modern brainwashed era is to be able to tell the difference between love (I don't call it "true love" because it is the only kind of love that really exists) and other imitations that sometimes seem like love, feel like love, taste like love but are... imitations.

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john | Fri, 12/30/2011 - 11:10
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thank you

Thank you Bonya,this is a lesson about true love we could all do with learning and carrying in to the new year and beyond, may we all evolve in true love from the heart

OM shanti

Shogon | Fri, 12/30/2011 - 17:49