why some gain weight and some not

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I have found out the following by experience. I know it will sound to some as spiritual bullshit or too simplistic but it works. I swear. It explains all the many enigmas concerning obesity. I heard it 3 months ago, changed my state of mind and lost around 6 KG since, eating more or less the same, doing more or less the same workouts.

We gain weight not because we eat too much but because we have guilt about eating too much.

We gain weight not because we eat too much but because we have guilt about eating too much. Guilt is the issue and not the calories, guilt is the issue and not the quantities. Guilt is a mental disposition that has a monstrous power to shape reality. Whether a certain guilt is justified or not, the projected vision at the base of the feeling of guilt materializes and thus in the case of eating, metabolism slows down or maybe it happens simply in a somewhat metaphysical way, the same way the observing mind always changes the observed reality.

The solution is to let go the associated guilt. I defined a testing period of 3 weeks in which I was very aware to the guilt when it pooped up, observed it and then ignored it to let it go. It worked!

Those who can relate to this from their own experience or that have some obesity issues and are willing to test it too are kindly asked to share their findings here.

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makes sense

I always suspected that there is something more there then genes and in/out balance of calories.

It makes a lot of sense - guilt and self-criticism are awful and harmful states of mind and as such surely shape the reality as the mind is the creator of our reality, also in the metaphysical sense.

In old days the church made use of this guilt, nowadays it is commercial companies (the contemporary representatives of the new god = money).

Annie | Sat, 11/22/2008 - 21:49
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Some % this is true

Good article. Thanks Doo.

Some extent the guilt is the reason, but mostly it is not the reason. Consider eating only fatty food but not guilty, this not keep the person slim/average. I don;t believe lot of people who eat fatty food initially feel guilty from the start. But once they get overweight then they start feeling guilt on eating. Both scientifically and spiritually it has proven not to eat fatty foods which not only cause overweight but also other health problems.. Just speaking truth...

PNNM, A Spiritual Enthusiast

MoorthyPNN | Wed, 08/25/2010 - 09:32