Why is Self-Realization so Rare?

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The Bhagavad-Gita says that out of 1,000 people, one will become interested in spirituality. And then from there, out of a crore, (10 million), only one will hit the 'jackpot' of Self-realization. To give it some perspective, that means that something like 1 in 10 billion abide in the 'stateless state', leaving the remaining 999,999,999 of us with the booby prize – where the only 'pop' we are going to get is a lollipop, or a balloon. These figures give us an idea of how rare all this seeking business is. So why bother?

OK, so what are the main obstacles then? Why are there not many more seekers pop, pop, popping up around the world? Ramakant Maharaj has the answer. He says, “It is very easy but it is very difficult”. Okay, that doesn't help me a lot. So I ask him again, “Can you say more?”

“I can only talk about what happens here. This Knowledge is direct Knowledge. It is rare but simple, very simple teachings. People come, and I place before them their Ultimate Truth, but then they go and visit some other Master, and then another. They are so busy doing their visiting, that they are ignoring the visitor, their own inner, living Master. It means they are not accepting the Knowledge as their Reality.”

Let's see if I got that right. So, it seems that we are going to various Masters and listening to them, almost exclusively with the mind, ego, intellect, (exactly what Maharaj tells us not to do). In the process, we are feeding our egos. And then, when we think ''I've got it', we leave … 'done it, been there, bought the T-shirt'... and clocked it up on our spiritual CV - feeling, 'I'm the business!' with a fresh celestial swagger in the walk.

Maharaj doesn't ask for monetary payment for the teachings, but he does ask us for something else. As with others, just as we were leaving the ashram, Maharaj raised his hand and said, with a wry smile:“One more thing! Before you leave, don't forget to deposit your mind, ego and intellect”.

I suspect most of us would find it a lot easier to leave a donation!

We're so lovingly attached to these precious babies (ego, mind, intellect) which we have nurtured all our lives, that giving them up seems like a very big deal indeed.

Another barrier on the path is the 'spiritual ego'. Just as we think we've dealt with the physical one – well-bashed and under control – then up pops another, a pretty solid and much loved self-identification, in the form of the spiritual ego. Maharaj would say that this illusory 'spiritual' ego is harder to melt than the 'physical' ego. Some examples might be expressed as “I know it all”, or “I don't have to do anything, it will just happen to me”, or “I don't need a Master because realization has already happened, after all, I had my first epiphany when I was 12 years old, and I have read pretty much all the Masters since then”, or “I am an old soul, ie front of the queue job, the Chosen One, the Special One!” etc. etc... bells are ringing.

So what is this pinnacle of Self-Realization that seems to be unachievable to ordinary folk like us, and reserved for only the very, very select few? Maharaj demystifies it.“Self-Realization is just a word. Call it enlightenment or self-knowledge, if you like. All these people asking, 'Are you realized? Am I realized? This is nonsense. Put simply, it means knowing yourself in a real sense. We are knowing ourselves in, as, and through, the body form only. This is not knowledge. Self-Realization, or whatever you want to call it, means just to know oneself in a real sense”.

"So why is it so rare?", we ask again. Maharaj points to the real culprit, the ego. “Most people are after spiritual ego-knowledge. They are simply looking for spiritual entertainment. They want to collect more and more philosophies, information, and knowledge for themselves. They have no intention of giving anything up, like their 'I', their ego, but this is the price that has to be paid. They want to stay as they are, and not make any changes. It is not their fault. But what they are really doing is adding further spiritual layers to their body-knowledge base."

“You are Ultimate Truth, Ultimate Reality, Final Truth” the Master hammers home, again and again. He is not just spouting off 'intellectual knowledge', a novel theory from the realm of ideas, to be analysed and stored alongside the rest of our treasured illusory concepts. No! He is directly conveying Ultimate Truth That We Are – beyond concept, beyond knowledge, beyond intellect, beyond spirituality, beyond imagination, beyond the perceivable and the conceivable. Beyond everything, "beyond words, beyond worlds".

“I Am That”. “You Are That”. Full stop!

So the conclusion is - we can't have the best of both worlds ... Oh dear! All self-identifications have to go! Oh deary me! All body knowledge, ego knowledge is illusion and therefore has to go – “say Ta, Ta!”, chuckles the Master.

The ego, mind and intellect are to be surrendered and dissolved. And all we have to do is accept that we are not the body-mind complex. We are Ultimate Reality.

It is easy. It is up to us, our choice. We just have to barter a bit and exchange the limited for the unlimited, illusion for reality. Either stay as we are, like a bird trapped in a cage, stroking its ego feathers of bodily identity, or, uncover our true identity - and be, as it were, like the sky – without bondage. Free.

“Realization will not happen until all body knowledge has been erased”, cautions the Master, “but nothing is impossible. It could happen to you”.

Any one of us could be the next 1 in 10 billion. As the sages say, if you really want it, it will happen. It's our call.
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Re: Why is Self-Realization so Rare?

Because constant practice of truth patiently in thought, word and deed is rarer.

Nathyogi | Mon, 09/08/2014 - 07:06