Why Seekers Are Lost - Part Two

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The question is: Is this global condition of being lost a result of the fact that spiritual goals are objectively so difficult to reach? Or is it because of the low quality of teachings and the incompetency of teachers? We can blame seekers or we can blame teachers, but in the end both are responsible. The teachers who deceive others through their promises of awakening that are never delivered, other than by creating hypnotic states of mind, could not exist without those who want exactly that – to live in hope, to live in another illusion, to live in a lie. No one is a victim; everybody is responsible for what they receive from life.

A spiritual guide is not superhuman. He or she is someone who has mastered the realm of awakening, who understands the nature of the path and who has the ability to share this realization conceptually and energetically. A spiritual guide is someone who can directly awaken the seed of higher consciousness within a seeker who is ready to meet their true self. Many teachers, especially from the so-called non-duality movement, base their ‘teachings’ on disciple-guru dependence. They cannot do otherwise because they do not teach a path; they do not offer any tangible tools through which a seeker can efficiently assist himself in his evolution. Some of these teachers propagate the notion that there is no such thing as evolution, that all one has to do is realize that one is already awakened. Such teachers are not only deluded and lost themselves, they are dangerous. By using the concept of awakening in such an irresponsible way, rather than helping people they add yet another layer of ignorance, taking seekers even further away from the truth. Sometimes it is better not to enter any path than to enter a path that leads in the wrong direction. Similarly, it is often better not to teach if one is not complete and doesn’t really know what one is doing, not only out of respect for others, but also out of compassion for oneself.

Moreover, there are teachers who offer countless practices or methods – mantras, koans, chakra work, practices of mindfulness and whatnot – which keep seekers in a limbo of hope that one day awakening will come to them as the natural outcome of their diligent efforts. And yet nothing comes, except perhaps a distortion of perception, a result of chemical changes in the brain caused by artificial practices and general hopelessness. Alternatively, there are those who present the concept of devotion and prayer as an answer, promising the miracle of transformation will come from a merciful source of grace descending from the higher plane into our miserable existence. But does it really happen? Holy water cannot fill a broken vessel. There is nothing wrong with prayer; in fact it has an important place in our relationship with the divine, but it is certainly not a solution for living in the state of ignorance. Taking the path of devotion to an extreme amounts to refusing to take responsibility for finding one’s own power and light within. The spiritual path in this dimension is like ‘Waiting for Godot’. Waiting can become a lifestyle, but since Godot never comes, this waiting is nothing but wasting time.

Whether one likes it or not, the spiritual path is complex, because human beings are complex and the state of ignorance has many layers which obstruct the possibility of actualizing our spiritual potential. In addition to the issue of complexity, there is that of the spiritual maturity of seekers and the competency of those who feel confident enough to take the role of teachers, guiding others on the path. The ability to discern the competency of a teacher is directly related to the maturity of a seeker and his inner experience.

Nowadays, there are all kinds of silly guru ratings. But what are they based on exactly? The popularity of a particular guru among the mass consciousness of seekers? The number of followers? The absence of sex scandals? The number of books sold? How high they appear on a Google search? The personal preferences of the ‘expert’ who decides how many stars to put next to their name? Being part of ‘respected’ traditions? Having had one’s name established? Many of those teachers claim that their guru has approved their awakening. But even if they did so, how can you know what the level of realization of that guru is? Perhaps he himself was a disciple of an even more famous guru, so famous that doubting him would amount to blasphemy? In the kingdom of the blind it is easy to put one’s trust in someone who has the ability to see anything at all.

Most seekers who are lost deserve to be lost because they do not strive uncompromisingly for truth. They are content hanging around teachers who do not give them any real transformation. Being part of a spiritual club, having spiritual friends, living in hope, being addicted to energy experiences – this is what makes them happy. Let them live the life they chose. However, there are those few who seek from the heart of their very being and yet still cannot find the answers, because no one has them. Why has existence let them remain lost? Perhaps they do not seek hard enough? Perhaps they compromise too much? Or perhaps this is the nature of this reality – that truth is concealed and often we must bleed for it to reveal itself.

The purpose of this article is not to give easy answers but to awaken the seeking intelligence from existential torpor, to awaken a passion for understanding and ignite the spirit of rebellion against living in the prison of the low level of understanding that spiritual teachings offer. There is more truth out there, hidden and waiting to be discovered. But a man or woman, one who has enough integrity and who carries the intensity of the spirit of quest, needs to come and knock on that door. Is there anyone standing in front of that door? Start knocking – knock, knock, knock...



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Sheer Gold part two.... :)

Sheer Gold part two.... :)

atma dan segev | Mon, 07/22/2013 - 18:03
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Well explained and yet...

And yet, every 'seeker' need not be in search of the ultimate truth...

The seeker evolves in seeking... the goal changes moment to moment...

What one sought as a beginner, and what one seeks as one advances on the path, are multiverses apart...

I am, yet I am not...

Asanga | Mon, 07/22/2013 - 19:10
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Seeking is Escape

Any seeking is a form of Escape. Escape from Living to pursuing a mental construct. Advancement may be a misnomer when one goes on spiraling though it may not appear so.

joejo | Tue, 07/30/2013 - 11:18
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A question

What do you think of those neo Advaitan teachers who claim that there is nothing to seek or obtain, that you can't become something else, that you are already realized? You must admit that these claim are not that easy to refute.

And what do you think about the claim that effort is counterproductive on the spiritual path? that hence you just have to be?

kulchnaui | Sat, 08/03/2013 - 07:41
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Idea is not a Fact

"Already realized" bit is an Idea and its very easy to 'See' that those who preach thus cannot distinguish the very basic that word is not the thing.

Truth is 'Seeing' the illusions that thought or 'Ego' creates. Abstract thinking is not truth.

Effort is necessary and so is passion. Both arise from a simmering undefined discontent in the beginning. Yet one must not remain in web of 'mental efforts' as against real 'Change'. To break the illusion requires courage and ability to stand alone.

A fact needs no interpretation. If pointed out it is seen to be the same by all who can see. Say a rose flower will appear to the perception of sane and person with normal eyesight to be rose.

The Facts of Life are there for everyone to 'See' and 'Observe' unchanged from time immemorial.

joejo | Sat, 08/03/2013 - 11:03