Why people adopt a radical view of reality?

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Adopting a radical view about reality, adapting a belief which completely disagrees with any direct experience, adapting a system which negates everything, adapting in a religious way a doctrine in which the heart and feelings are not a central part - turns at the end of the day to be a trick of the mind to escape life and the challenges of life, and instead to indulge in a mere intellectual entertainment, the most favorite entertainment of the mind.

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Radical and simplistic

I would say not only radical but also simplistic view (don't confuse simple with simplistic).

barbara | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 11:34
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mind oh mind

Some speculation and belief is needed in the composition of one's view because the senses and ratio do not necessarily reflect truth, but indeed completely radical stand is invalid and is typically a product of the mind intended not to face reality or/and not to face emotions.

But I think worse than that for the chances of one to awake is the case where the beliefs are taken by one as the truth. This is not only ignorant and absurd, it's the best formula to assure that ignorance will survive.

kamil | Mon, 09/28/2009 - 12:43
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Very well said

Very well said. I couldn't say it better.

This is the case of extreme religiousness when does not adjust to at least basic daily living. This is the case of extreme attitude of the concept maya before one experiences it directly in a temporary state of satory.

Hence one develops a dependency on the doctrine. Hence one finds it extremely important to fight to protect it against other opinions. Hence one cannot resist the temptation to ridiculously present what he believes in as the absolute truth. And at that point, he walks backwards on the path.

davids | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 06:37
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So Truth is defined as that

So Truth is defined as that which I can personally experience, which includes my ideas of myself and places my desires and feelings at the center. This is a trick of mind to avoid Truth at all cost in favor of one's own egoic needs.

Twisting this avoidance so as to make it appear that it is some sort of religious doctrine, an attempt to escape life and intellectual entertainment (Random dismissals that have little in common with each other) requires a deep unconsciousness.

Phroggy | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 07:24
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The truth is "not-you".

Not to say it's 'me', just saying it's 'not-you'... that's all.


Omkaradatta | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 20:16
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Of course...

Of course, anything that disagrees with 'direct experience' is false.

One turns to fully, and is guided by, one's own lights. Including ignoring the original post, above (aside from the one who posted it) ;-). The truth involves no other (and thus, no self).


Omkaradatta | Tue, 09/29/2009 - 20:04