Why is a living guru necessary?

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I had a correspondence of interesting Q&A with a friend here. I take the liberty to share it as I think it may be of interest also to others.

Q - What is the ultimate and clearcut aim of of ur life, if u can plz tell me?

Aim that i put? to be happy.
An aim especially for me that something beyond put? I don't know and am not sure that there is such aim.

Q - Is it not so that all great teachers and gurus have told the same things which r the basis of a happy life?

More or less

Q - Is it truly required to have a real guru who is in ur contact as u r already aware of all requirements to clean ur heart and body?

I believe strongly that a real living guru is necessary, it accelerates matters significantly.

Q - In my life i never had good teaching facility in school...but that didnt stop me from being a topper in exams...

This is precisely the difference between intellectual studies and mental studies. For mental studies like those involved in the spiritual path, there is a need for external assistance to counterbalance the dominance of the mind. Intellectual studies like those taking place in schools do not always necessitate such an external assistance.

Q - Same way its better if u have a guru but if not be courageous enough to apply all things which u know already in ur daily life....

Courage is indeed important. Unfortunately, it is not enough.

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as long as you are the body, you need a guru in a body

It reminds me http://www.gurusfeet.com/poll/living-guru-necessary-self-realization - see the options for answers, i think they summarize the widespread opinions about whether a live guru is necessary. I think it is.

I heard once someone summarizing this in the following way: as long as you are the body (in other words, as long as you are identified with the body) you need a guru in a body.

banana | Mon, 12/21/2009 - 08:32
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What if living guru is a narrow minded sadist and psycho

What if living guru is a narrow minded sadist and psycho as I m exposing mentality of living guru shri parthasarthy rajagopala chari a psycho cum sadist. it is better not to have a guru itself then having a mental, arrogant and black magic guru who can kill their own guru son by means of black magic. This is what is my experience with srcm.org. I m telling this so that others dont come to this system atleast till the departure of shri chariji. my experience should serve as guidance to others.

RAJAvsraj | Sun, 07/11/2010 - 19:39
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There are also narrow minded

There are also narrow minded sadist and psycho doctors, don't you go to consult a doctor when you're terribly sick?

There are also narrow minded sadist and psycho women, do you avoid any contact with women?

There are also narrow minded sadist and psycho chefs, don't you go to restaurants and taste their creation?

Check why specifically in spirituality you decided to adopt such a sweeping approach, check why you happened to select that narrow minded sadist and psycho guru, and above all check whether this guru is truly narrow minded sadist and psycho.

seeker | Sun, 06/03/2012 - 07:21
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Necessity of a Guru

If you have a guru and a living guru,you are very lucky.With the presence and guidance of a guru spiritual path becomes easy and smooth and it takes less time to attain spiritual goals.A man may tread on the spiritual path even without a guru and even if the guru is not living, he can be a constant source of inspiration to him to accelerate his progress.

Mohan Singh | Sun, 04/10/2011 - 14:55
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why is a living guru necessary?

Interesting question and conversations ~ thank you for them ~

my own opinion and experience is that a living guru has been hugely necessary for me on my spiritual journey ~

I am a strong willed and independent woman and while I willingly surrender to the inner guidance I receive on my spiritual journey, I know for sure that without the teaching adn active guidance of my in body guru my ego would be like way more in control of my process ~

I have heard it said that the guru/ disciple ~ teacher/student relationship is playing the game of seperation that ego loves ~ but to me such a statement arises from the interest of the ego ~lol ~ to me anyone who has a living guru is blessed with a grace that is beyond words to express!

ruby246 | Fri, 06/08/2012 - 00:34