Why I am going to hell and how I feel about it. Yeah Right!

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Recently, I stumbled upon a group of people that called themselves the authentic Israelites (Black Hebrew Isrealites). They are known for standing outside of popular shops to inform the public mainly "so-called" Christians of society about their heritage,where they come from and where they belong, where they are going, and where you if you are not Isrealite are NOT GOING. They mainly preach about Jesus being black and they battle so called lying Christians out on the streets.

Before I made any judgments, I listened quietly for a few months to their speeches and debates with random people. I dont have anything negative to say about what they are doing, or what they are preaching. Thats their right, and for the most part, I am not going to argue with what they are preaching which is directly from the Holy bible, granted, as they tend to read directly from the bible, word for word. I will say however, they do interpret the bible and twist it just as much as anyone has in the past to suit their own agenda. Thats my opinion.

The reason why I am addressing this now, is because I was told that because I was born in America and am considered black, I am an Isrealite. Well, according to the Isrealites, because I am mixed with White/German, which my mother is half German and Black, and my father is East Indian decent, than I am not an African American and I wont be making it to the kingdom of Heaven. I find this unrealistic, if this is true, than why live? If you know there is no hope for anyone in the world, there is no grace, there is no salvation than why continue whats the point. Truly, what would be the point to continue, that's very depressing and that's basically what they are saying.

My other point is that what ever happened to forgiveness, doesn't Jesus want you to pray and forgive enemies, well, they don't pray for their enemies they are delighting in them supposedly burning in hell and paying for their sins.

No, there is something really wrong with this group, and no matter how much they justify themselves with the Good book, their weapon of choice, they are still full of hate, yes they are. They hate whites, Asians, Indians, Arabs, and all other people except the Israelites which are, The Mexicans, Aztecs, Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Blacks and the rest that derive from the 12 tribes. And no, I am not an Isrealite, even though I have 25% Black running through my veins and my hair is graded with the DNA of Afro- and I have no clue where Black truly comes from, they say they are not from Africa they are from Isreal. Well, wouldn't that count, either way, Im not begging for anyone's acceptance, and if they cannot accept my White or my East Indian, than forget me all together, that goes for any of the others as well, if they cannot accept my Black or White than forget me all together.

This is my race, this is my heritage, and its about meaningless to me. I am complete the way I am, I don't need to be one race, I don't need to run with any one race for approval, this is the height of my spirituality, Its the self I care about. God the creator of me, this is my challenge, I realized its a gift to be a part of many differ5ent people, and when they are not hateful, they are the most loving of all. Proud to be mixed, and colorblind.

God Bless


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Hey Colette, fascinating

Hey Colette, fascinating account and observations, such people as the Israelites demonstrate the basic difference between religion and spirituality.

In my view they are not more absurd than other religious groups in the sense that they all have in common the basic idea that they speak in the name of God, that God is not accessible by anyone. By its very nature, if such an entity as God exists, it must be Omnipotent, Omnipresent, and Omniscient, and as such must be available to all by definition. Plus, the very basic concept of a plastic heaven/hell is mere a projection of our world life and so doesn't hold much validity, it can serve as a nice ferry tale but not more than that.

PS. It was proven beyond doubt that the bible was written by several people with several human styles that some of them are faulty, plus there are several versions of the bible stemming from different translations and omissions.

Annie | Tue, 06/18/2013 - 21:14
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Hi Annie, you are so right,

Hi Annie,

you are so right, and you speak so clearly and elegantly I absorbed and understand everything you are saying.

I believe you are right, there is a difference in religion and spirituality, in my opinion, religion leads to imprisonment of the self, I think it brings little value to mankind and impairs creativity among its followers and collectively. Spirituality on the other hand is a path to freedom and enlightenment, in many ways it connects people with their creative mind therefore enhancing the evolution of mankind. This was my first real encounter with religion and fundamentalists, I can determine it as fuel to a fire, I believe many religious groups come and go and will continue to do so throughout the evolution of man.

Truthfully, I believe this is just another one that will fade in time. They all seem to have this one thing in common, they are always "right" and everyone I mean everyone else in the world is wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong again..completely and that in itself is judgement which leads to anger, hate and delusion.

The one thing I love about spirituality is the light that is shared, it seems endless and offers a look into the supreme. Its like experiencing God through another. It doesn't get much better than that!

Thank you so much for you wisdom and information, it was very helpful to me and made me feel much better about the situation.

God Bless
Love and Light

modestowl9 | Wed, 06/19/2013 - 01:53
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doesn't Jesus want you to pray and forgive enemies, well, they don't pray for their enemies they are delighting in them supposedly burning in hell and paying for their sins.

no matter how much you hate
Jesus was right, he knew what hell is
you would not want it for any soul
They do not burn. Its is complete nothing
like floating through space but there are no stars
you are utterly helpless
there is nothing in you
You are truly alone and all is empty
it is a abyss
it is the most horrifying thing ever
there is no need for fire or torture
The love you have is the only thing that matters
don't destroy it

Mr jack | Sat, 09/06/2014 - 04:14