Why human body is require to show god’s present

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God is not coming in special feature or shape as we anticipating .
God is supreme soul present every where in the universe .God's soul we can’t see but we can feel only.
Air is every where on earth but still require medium of fan to feel it.
God’s Soul only can’t able to express its presence without medium of any human being. Except some cases like flash, intuition, message in a dream or in awaking state to rare people. We all have soul in our body which is part of supreme soul. Some of us make effort to their soul more powerful than normal people
God check all the require characteristic in such person and select him/her as representative on earth.
God is there in more active form in various type of representative in various field on entire earth.
As they are representative of god they must have some special characteristics than normal people .
This make normal people difficult to understand what the God’s representative Say.
Due to this reason only we find many examples of bad allegation, quarrel, fights, with such representatives or God in past. History have many examples of such cases.
People not realize truth when these representative or God were alive in human form. After sacrifice of their life people understand them and their truth ,and in presence massive quantity of people are their follower .
Gods soul can enter in any human and give that person special stength for time being to save devotee’s life when he/she remember with true heart in a most critical moment or incident in the life when desperately need a help to survive.

Person pass through such experience can under stand better .In this type of experience such person feel like just they become medium to save devotee's life only. Life saver don’t know How he/she got such power and sense during such incident .Devotee under stand only god saved his / her life.
True Greatness of God .