Why God Created Us

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During one of our research and study group sessions one of the participants asked what would seem on the surface to be a simple question but as soon as it was asked it was apparent that the answer to a question like this could be very complex. Initially, I wondered how Mr. LePar’s psychic source, The Council, could actually answer such a question. Could they make the finite mind understand? Below is their reply.

Questioner: Why were we entities created?

The Council: The magnificence of God is beyond human understanding and the enjoyment of God by Himself or His own enjoyment of His unexplainable existence, was so great that He found a need to share it, and so in this need His Love was born and in the out coming of this birth then He created you. Now we use the word "need" and we do not mean it in the sense that God was lacking of something, but you can be so overjoyed, so overwhelmed, that to express this completeness, this total fulfillment, you feel that you must express it in an extension of yourself so that here again you may share in another enjoyment, in another expression, or another uplifting, or in another facet of perception, you see. So because of His Total Love, then, and the desire to even magnify that greater, He created you as a spirit or an entity and in hopes that you then would enjoy this exploration and that through you, His Joy might become even greater, and, thus, He shares even greater with you, so it becomes an unending existence in a conscious state or a conscious elevation of complete and unexplainable sharing and love. So it becomes a setting up of tremendous vibrations which if could be experienced in the physical world, it would completely shatter the entire universe. The power of such Joy, of such a Vibration, if you were to take one second and touch it into all of God's creation it would totally annihilate the entire creation. This would give you only a small idea of its magnitude and its power.

For more about William LePar and The Council see www.WilliamLePar.com

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Sharing God's Enjoyment.....

Hi David ....!!!

I always enjoy your blogs....and it fits to my temperament so well....Thank you for sharing GOD's enjoyment with me...us...that is the spirit god wants us to share...and make his CREATION....more WONDERFUL....choice left to us......
HOW BEAUTIFUL WE WANT TO SEE IT????God's "FRAGRANCE" is ever present in his creation...we have to catch hold of it....!!!!

Thanks again....whenever i read your blogs i find some spiritual vibration is blooming the petals of my inner consciousness...!

bonya basu | Wed, 02/02/2011 - 05:39
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Thank you!

Hi Bonya!

I am glad that these posts are valuable to you. I look forward to your comments about them. It is an honor for me to share this information with so many people and to find that it is universally valuable.

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David22 | Thu, 02/03/2011 - 23:47