Why do you continue on the path of hatred?

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Dear Gurusfeet Community,

Shantiness, who continues to hide behind anonymity has decided to continue in spreading this gossip. If you choose to watch this video, please be aware of the following:

I am a 28 year old man. I left my parents home in April 2009 when my mother clearly stated that my wife would never be welcomed into my family. I took the decision to leave my home and start my own life. Nobody needed to tell me how to make this common sense decision.

Following the original airing of this video, I spoke directly with the producer, because as you can see, I was not interviewed for this video, nor was I approached or aware this video was being made. In my conversation with the producer, I asked him why I was not approached as it was my family making the allegations. He said that my family claimed they did not know where I was, and did not have my contact; phone number nor address. This was not the case, as I not only received hand delivered mail from them, but also harassing phone calls and messages claiming that I was vandalizing their property during this time. The producer also apologized for his lack of follow up with me, and expressed this video was produced on a tight deadline and he admitted he aired it with whatever information he had- which was all one sided.

My entire family has always known how to contact me. They have also always had my wife’s phone number and the address and phone number of my in-laws. They have shunned all my attempts to resolve this issue.

After a very long time, I spoke to my brother on Wednesday February 16th, 2011 in order to resolve this continuing saga. In our conversation, he clearly expressed that my wife is not, and never will be welcome into our family.

Shantiness, why do you continue to try and draw others into your toxic hatred? Nobody on this website is interested in our personal dispute. They have clearly expressed this to both of us. Why are you so against resolving this issue between us?


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Sunita - Rohit: I can not

Sunita - Rohit:

I can not fathom how either of you can justify treating your son – brother in the manner that you have. You do not know how lucky you are to have such a fine upstanding son –brother. The girl he has chosen for a wife is lovely, intelligent and generous; if you got to know her you would see this. Do you not understand the pain and heart ace that you have caused Rahul? I have seen the pain and hurt in his eyes on many occasions. No one can take that pain away but you! You should stop all this nonsense and move on with your lives. I do not know how you find the time and energy to be so cruel and unkind!

All the things that you have said about Swami Sai Premananda are untrue or misquoted!
I have known Swamiji for many years; he has been a loving Guru and a true friend! You have no right to slander him in the way you are doing.

With reference to Maria – On many occasions I have picked Maria and Consuelo up for satsang. Let me tell you this if anyone had ever been inappropriate with Maria they would have had to come thru me.

As many people have already said it is unfair to air this on a spiritual website – this is a personal matter that should be resolved personally.

Glorib | Mon, 02/28/2011 - 21:27