Why can't I see ghosts?

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If the totality of your mind, both conscious and unconscious, unanimously wants something to manifest in the dream called "reality", it will manifest. This something can be anything, including ghosts.

I heard of people seeing ghosts. Why can't I see ghosts?

Why do you say you can't see ghosts. You have so many ghosts all around you, ghosts that are attached to physical bodies and minds. Look here, there are around you more than 20 ghosts.

I mean ghosts that are not attached to physical bodies, you know.

By ghosts you mean spirits, soul entities?


It is important that you first find out why you want so much to see such bodiless ghosts while you have no interest whatsoever in body-attached souls.

Is it because it is more intriguing, an exciting entertainment to the mind? If so you must be aware of it. Spirituality used as entertainment is just yet another toy for the mind, a fascinating one as it is unusual, spooky, mysterious, the best materials for an intriguing movie. But this is the most tricky entertainment: you think you are on the spiritual path while you are actually using spirituality to strengthen the mind as mind exists on entertainment.

Does it mean I shouldn't enjoy while being spiritual?

It doesn't mean you shouldn't enjoy on the spiritual path, if enjoyment is encountered, do enjoy and do so wholeheartedly. Just beware from mind-generated excitements that lead you astray from the real spiritual path, always inquire: do I do this or that spiritual activity as an entertainment for the mind or do I do it because I feel it is important for my spiritual development.

I admit that part of it is my curiosity regarding unnatural phenomena but I also believe that witnessing such phenomena firsthand will strengthen my belief that there is something beyond

Fair enough.

So why can't I see ghosts?

There are two main reasons which are two main aspects of your mind.

You can't see ghosts because you are afraid from them. You heard so many frightening legends about ghosts so that you prefer not to see them and believe that they do not exist. Consequently, your mind blocks you from seeing them.

So the mind believes in ghosts?

There is a part of the mind that believes in ghosts, otherwise it wouldn't have been frightened from them.

And there is another part in the mind, a much more dominant one, that does not believe in their existence, this is the skeptic part. Thanks to this part, the mind can produce this movie of "reality" in which ghosts do not exist. Mind can only create something it has some belief in. Mind is both the creator and the observer of reality, it is the scriptwriter, the actor and the spectator of this movie called reality so reality must be consistent also with the observer's belief. A dominant character of the mind is skepticism, tacit as well as exposed, and so this skepticism will manifest implicitly and explicitly in the reality created. This skepticism does not allow ghosts.

So what should I do to be able to see these bodiless ghosts?

Be aware of your mind's fear from ghosts until the fear is no more. Do not fight the fear, accept and observe it.

You can also check why you are fearing of ghosts and watch your mind's conflicting forces of underlying skepticism and underlying belief. These are the causes for your fear - on the one hand you believe in ghosts and therefore want to avoid them, on the other hand you are skeptic and therefor feel that you are isolated and alone in the world and therefore can trust nothing to help you and guard you, hence fear.

Observe in particular your skepticism, observe and accept, do not fight it. It will also become weaker as you observe it.

And then?

When the fear and skepticism become weaker, the mind's blocking of non-skeptical phenomena will subside and the reality created and observed will start to include more happenings that cannot be categorized as natural, logical, science-proven. In this new state of mind you may be able to sense the presence of what you call ghosts.

Why these ghosts are here on the planet?

It is said that they are souls that were attached to physical bodies in the past, the same way as you are attached to this body right now. They died or, more precisely, left there physical bodies but for various reasons, residues of their ignorant emotional attachment remained. And so, they still wander around in the physical plane until they will be released from this attachment.

Do these ghosts really exist?

They exist if you want them to exist.

As said before, you are not only the observer of reality but also the creator in the most radical sense. This reality is just a dream of yours, the same kind of dream as your conventional sleeping dream. One day you will see that. For now, take it as an assumption and give it a fair chance.

If the totality of your mind, both conscious and unconscious, unanimously wants something to manifest in the dream called "reality", it will manifest. This something can be anything, including ghosts. But note the special emphasis on totality and on unanimously, as your mind is actually a set of many conscious and unconscious different, sometimes contradicting, voices.

(From verbatim of Talks with Riktam Kantu)

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I'm going to try this.

I'm going to try this. First piece I'm encountering on this matter that is profound and makes a lot of sense.

joy | Fri, 11/28/2008 - 15:28
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You can see the ghost only when either you have very low level of energy or you have your third eye opened.

madan_gautam | Wed, 12/31/2008 - 17:48
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please elaborate

madan - could you elaborate on this please, it sounds interesting - why does it necessitate low energy?

nathan | Wed, 12/31/2008 - 18:41
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picture please elaborate

Dear Nathan
See this world is nothing but the Pure & Divine Energy,It is Her Manifestation In different forms which we are seeing in this world and Universe.
When in Upanishads,Vedas,and in other old texts of India our Rishis and Munnis said that even a stone is alive then the Westerns laughed on this and made fun of these statements,but when they came to know the theory of matter and energy and og neutron and proton & electron and were able to the practical of fusion and fission then they came to realized the truthfulness of our Rishis and Munnis statements.
Like this each human being has different level of energy and even ghosts have different level of energy and when some one having low energy then these ghosts try to overpower that one to satisfy their unfinished desires of previous lives through them and so on.
Like this if some one has awakened third eye then he /she is at much higher level and can see the ghosts through third eye/sixth sense.

madan_gautam | Thu, 01/01/2009 - 04:41
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Madan_Gautam Ji.. Namaste... Nice explaination... Mano Maatram Jagat... Mano Nirmitham Jagat...

mrkotians | Tue, 09/13/2011 - 03:23
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It was found in parapsychological experiments (I think as part of the military Stargate Project) that when the scientist who conducted the experiment was skeptic, nothing paranormal happened and when the scientist really believed in occult matters, the experiment showed results that validate paranormal issues.

john | Fri, 08/07/2009 - 21:20
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It is said & heard that, in our Universe every objects r made up of five types of elements i.e.water,air,sky,earth & fire. These contents r more or less in all things. Human bodies,animals,birds etc.having earth elements in more content so that can be visualised and get weightage while about saying these so called ghosts having less content of these earth element & having more air content so cant get visualised like air & can be easily passed through any object due to lowest density.These Ghosts r nothing but souls like within our body but with due residue of their stroung desires remained attached with them while they were living within their body.After their death they lost their body but cant exit from their strong unsatiesfied desires so wonder in the Yoni of different types of Ghosts. They can overcome on Mentally weak person ,& can get control on impure things. They always remain away from pure things. It is said that animals like dogs,cat etc can realize their presence due to their strong senses.Likewise if any human will developed his senses then might be see them.

deepakjaykar | Sun, 09/20/2009 - 12:24
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want or not want...

Thank you Leo, very good perspective on this from the author.

I just bumped on this one though:

"Do these ghosts really exist?

They exist if you want them to exist."

This is of course true but maybe not very clear as there are different levels of "wanting" and it might be important to clarify that there are people who see ghosts and DO NOT want to see them :)

But this is on the surface level. On the deeper level, the intention is of course to manifest this reality for themselves, however unaware.

I just thought to speak about this :)


"Trust allows you to navigate imagination beyond where shadows lie". Tony Samara

PranaBeats | Fri, 04/30/2010 - 15:37
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superbly foolish

I'm afraid this is the most foolish writing i ever read about this, gimme a break guys, nothing in this article makes any sense, and the real theory and logic is totally different.

shaan | Sat, 08/07/2010 - 22:48
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I'm truly curious. Here is

I'm truly curious.
Here is my question.
If we cannot see ghosts because of fear then how are we to explain random acts of the human eye seeing them even still when there is that block?

IllusionOfTheSelf | Sun, 02/27/2011 - 04:15
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@ Why can't I see ghosts?

@ Why can't I see ghosts?

Ans: Because u don't have those eyes or eye, who can see them.


jasdir singh jaura | Tue, 03/01/2011 - 10:18
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seeing ghosts .................(people who see ghosts)

when i see a ghost in tv, it is because the signal is partly obstructed by a tall building near my house where my tv set is installed.

when moon is shining on a full moon night and you see the image of the moon on the surface of a pond at about 2 O" clock in the night in autumn, you do not perceive ghosts.

similarly, a person who is seeing that clear moon within, cannot encounter with ghosts.

OM tat sat !!!

Surya Kumar Mishra | Sun, 05/08/2011 - 10:08