Why are we unaware of our physical surroundings when we sleep?

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That is a very interesting question. Whether we are aware or unaware during sleep depends on our level of evolution. As human beings, all of us have three states of consciousness - jagrat or wakeful state, swapna or dream state and sushupti or deep sleep state. Our unconscious mind governs all our instinctive reactions. For instance, we involuntarily cringe when we see something disgusting or automatically reach for a glass of water when we are thirsty. We breathe 21,600 times a day without being conscious of it. Similarly, the body’s cycle of sleep and wakefulness is also dictated largely by the unconscious mind. As long as we allow our unconscious mind to control us in this way, we will continue to experience sleep as a state of physical unconsciousness. Routine noises and minor discomforts rarely disturb us, but anything that is unusual immediately awakens us. This happens because our senses relax and screen out all routine stimuli when we sleep. So the sensory input that goes to the brain during the state of sleep is minimal. This also occurs whenever we meditate deeply. However, there is one major difference between sleep and meditation. During sleep, both our senses and mind are asleep, but during meditation, our senses are asleep while the mind is awake. When we are established in this state of constant Soul Awareness, the mind is wakeful and meditating even when the body is asleep. Once we reach this stage, we experience sleep only as physical rest and never as a state of physical or mental unconsciousness.

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you are not aware of your surroundings when you are awake

First inspect why you are not aware of your surroundings when you are awake.

You think you are aware but it is just the images of reality in your mind, the model created based on the inputs to your senses after they are filtered.

sonti | Tue, 03/30/2010 - 19:36
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Re :you are not aware of your surroundings when you are awake

Science tells us that there and 64 dimensions of nature, spirituality tells us there are N power N dimensions of nature.But our eyes can only recognize and feel only three dimensions.As the level of awareness in us increases and the Quantum called as EGO decreases we will be able to recognize the TRUTH called as Chaitanya every where.

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"When we remove the darkness(PAIN) of others; we will start seeing light(JOY) in our own self"

"Wipe a Tear;Remove a Pain"

Chethan Prasad | Wed, 03/31/2010 - 07:40