Why and how you bow to image or living master for awakening

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Why and how you bow to image or living master for awakening
We adore, bow to the image or body of a living master. If the mind is obsessed with body that bows to image or living master, there is hardly any change that take place in a person who wants to tread the path of self-discovery. It may be out of courtesy. It may be just doing it because others are doing it. It is we learnt before meeting the master. It is because our friend who is taking to the master asked us to do it. It is all about play of the physical mind. The question is how to change the physical mind but we repeat the same thing and we use the same physical mind. That is why change do not take place. We bow to great masters at different locations, religious places and at our home. Nothing changes except the physical mind is mesmerized for some time. The mind covers itself with some beautiful thoughts, images, hallucinations and fancies of being in peace and happiness.
The physical mind goes in search for something supernatural, something higher –all created by the same mind. Until this mind is ready to change, nothing will happen. Until this mind is ready to move within, nothing will be discovered. But the moment , this mind changes and becomes ready to move within, the very physical image or living body of the master , becomes a catalyst for change , for awakening and for realization of the ultimate. The paradox logic works here. If one does not bow, nothing happens. If physical mind bows, nothing happens. But if mind while bowing looking within for a change, goes beyond the body by sinking within, sudden awakening take place. That is why so much importance of image worship is laid by the great masters.
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