Wholeness of life

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There is staticity about us in general. We may be very active when our self interest is threatened but are numb to other facets of life. This lack of energy is further compounded when we try to shield ourselves from pain and sorrow. On the other extreme to wallow in sorrow and self pity too is a sign of a desperate person trying to seek some sensation in order not be dulled to sleep. Conflict for some serves a very definite purpose in life and they would do anything to defend their right to it.

By our habits of diet and sleep in addition to consumption of substances that dull our senses we have a body that is not capable to keep vigil and enquire into the mysteries of life. In such a state all spiritual talk appears a mere fantasy akin to the yawing of a person when listening to classical music if he does not have a taste for it.

We have to be as pragmatic and earnest about the whole of life if we are endeavouring to embark on an adventure into uncharted territory which spiritual life is truly about. Easy explanations or imitation or conclusion is not going to take us far but add another layer of insensitivity to the process of living life truly and authentically. Everything that aids becomes a hindrance at some stage and that which hinders could be made use of and hence there can be no set rules or a defined trajectory. Each is on his own and the sooner one realises the better. One must be able to balance reverence with scepticism and have an urge to discover the truth or the falsehood as the case may be.