Wholeness of Life

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I think it’s an error when we make a divide between worldly life and spiritual life. The two may not be altogether different but mirror images of each other. Let us take ignorance and try to see if it makes sense to view it not as a metaphysical issue but something concrete that we can behold here and now.

The central issue of ignorance so very important to all schools (paths) shows up in man not being aware of his calling. By that I do not mean any spiritual path but what is close to his heart. Children when asked what they would want to be or what career path they would choose are not very clear and this carries on right up to adulthood. Why is it so very difficult to know that? One of the plausible reasons could be that unless one has experienced or tasted how could one say? Yet this argument only proves that one is ignorant and needs to seek in order to find out his heart’s desire. There are exceptions though and some children (child prodigy) are drawn to music or a studious life right from a young age. To the extent they have clarity as regards this they could be said to be less ignorant than the others. Yet it could also be a case where they have an exaggerated sense of awareness in one direction and lesser in others, about their own selves. In this age of specialisation it may be difficult to believe that an increased general awareness may be better than a limited one pointed clarity with other neglected facets.

What I am trying to suggest and explore is a need to be aware about the whole of myself rather than take a fragmentary view of life. Ignorance then is not necessarily a metaphysical concept but a lack of this awareness.