The Whole Truth

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For a little over two years, my mother and brother have spread lies to the community about Swami Sai Premananda and the meditation group in which my wife, Neena and I met.

Three years ago, I decided I wanted to marry my best friend, a woman named Neena. I had known Neena for three years and we fell in love, and wanted to get married.

A week or two before I asked Neena to marry me, I wanted to share the happy news with my mother: that I had found the woman I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. At the breakfast table one day, in early October 2008, I told my mother of my love for Neena and my desire to marry her. My mother trembled as she heard me say this and yelled her disapproval, “No, Rahul! No! No! You’re going to ruin your life!”

I left my parents house in the end of March 2009, after my mother sat Neena and I in her home and viciously expressed her disapproval of Neena. My mother was irrational in her reasons, saying that Neena was ruining my life.

Between April and May of 2009, my mother increasingly pressured me to change my mind about living on my own and marrying Neena. She threatened me, stalked me, followed and disrupted my home and work life with unwelcome and dramatic visits, vowing that she would “open my eyes” to my mistakes.

One of my uncles, whom my parents really respect, clearly expressed to my mother that I was free to choose my wife and that she did not have the right to control my decisions and that their control would push me away. After this discussion with him, my mother and father agreed to the wedding and to provide their support.

This breakthrough did not last long, as within 48 hours, their minds shifted again, this time opposing to the date of the wedding. During a period of roughly two to three weeks the wedding date continually changed, and my mother would still not hold back her comments filled with contempt for Neena, her parents, me, and for the choices I made in my life.

In July 2009, Neena and I decide to marry in a private ceremony and begin our lives together. In the month previous to this, my mother’s rage grew more extreme. My mother, contrived a story, that I was being brainwashed by someone. At first, she blamed Neena and her parents. Soon my mother’s blame became incorrectly focused on Swami Sai Premananda. She blamed him for me leaving her home and wanting to get married to someone she did not approve of. Her blame continues to be focused on him, unjustly.

On one occasion, my mother stood outside our place of worship and shrieked that we were a “cult”. She blocked the car of one family who were trying to leave and she said her lies through their window. Her actions continued to become more extreme.

After finding out about our marriage, my mother began calling our family and close friends telling them that her son needed to be saved, as he had been brainwashed into getting married. Many of our peers bought into what my mother had to say and they stopped talking to us, not wanting to hear our side, as they were horrified and disgusted by her actions. She went and talked to heads of churches and temples, and to South Asian newspapers, spreading lies about Swami Sai Premananda.

As Neena and I had married, we decided to go and speak to my parents, to ask my mother to stop spreading rumors, lies and viciously attacking Swami Sai Premananda. A heated argument ensued that evening, and ultimately led to my mother assaulting Neena giving her a concussion. My mother was formally charged and was forbidden to come near us as a condition of bail.

Even with this incident, my mother still continued her harassment of Swami Sai Premananda. She was determined to publicly humiliate him and show him to be a cult leader through various media outlets.

My mother is deeply hurt by my rejection of her wishes and her vision for my life. I feel that her mental state is unbalanced and unstable. I feel she needs help.

To all those who read this post, know that Swami Sai Premanada is 100% innocent and has been unjustly persecuted and blamed by my family for my actions. This entire situation is my fault- my mother is deeply angry at me for marrying the person I love and making my own life decisions, which went against her wishes. Anybody who claims otherwise is lying. I regret that the events of my life, my choices and my family’s actions have affected Swami Sai Premananda the way they have.

During the time that I was with Swami Sai Premananda, he brought nothing but peace and light into my life. I wish him the best always, and these attacks against him need to stop. The truth needs to be told and heard.

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No cigar...

Your account is less than convincing. Even if we assume that your story is true, it still wouldn't explain the copyright actions against Google, YouTube, or this very web site. Your post reads like a plant ordered by your Swami. Why can't he face and respond to the criticism himself?

disciple | Sun, 02/13/2011 - 22:32
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The important parts which were left out of "The Whole Truth"

Hey Rahul,
Was the occasion on which your mother called your group a cult the same day Amit and Sarika's mother was violently chased out of your so called "ashram" by your swami? Did anyone come to this old lady's aid?

And you speak of harassment... I spoke to your family and they inform me that within weeks of the above incident, your mother began to receive threatening phone calls at home and work, your family's house was egged, your family business had glue put in it and your mother's car was keyed.

You complain of phone calls? Ask the parents of the other group members if they tried to call your mother, or whether it was the other way around? I also ask, why is your group not allowing the parents to get together and talk? Why does your swami not want the parents to meet each other?

This is exactly the activity which forms cults...ISOLATION.

Shantiness | Mon, 02/14/2011 - 18:37
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To All Readers

Dear Shantiness,

As you are in “Iceland” and were not witness to this incident, let me comfort you in letting you know that this “old lady” had enough thugs sitting in a Mercedes Jeep to come to her aid.

And Shantiness, so you spoke to my family? Do you and I have some relation that you are not making me aware of? You have my number. We can talk about our acquaintance in private when you are up to it.

To all readers of this post and Shantiness’ blog:

I have attempted reconciliation with my family on numerous occasions. I have enlisted the help of my aunts, uncles, and cousins. Each time I tried to reconcile, my mother and brother hurled threats and insults at me, my wife, and Swami Sai Premananda; they had no interest to reconcile with me and simply renewed their pledge to destroy Swami Sai Premananda’s name. Look at what is happening in this space. Look at the lies being spread and the attacks being made on Guru’s Feet. Shantiness’ posts are based on hear-say not on fact, no matter who he claims to have spoken to, or who he claims his source of information is.

Shantiness, why are you so opposed to resolving whatever issues we may have with each other? I have provided you with my email address and phone number, and still ask you to contact me so that we can heal this rift that is between us.


Rahul-Sethi | Tue, 02/15/2011 - 02:42