Who you are, what it is and where you are?

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You are love. What love is can not be learned because there was no time in wich you knew it not. The consciousness of the presence of love is inner peace. What really is happening is the unchanging peace that you are. Life is about happiness that comes from peace and gratitude that comes from happiness. We share the one self that is love, like one big family. Only reality is true and truth is love, there is only the true self. Learn about your changelessness and your boundlessness, then you know who you are and where you are, then you know that what you are is everywhere and what is everywhere is what you are. Or, when you ask the question, who am I and forget about your past but look now. In this instant there is something that does not evolve, something that does not develop, something that does not grow older. Something that continues continuously. That which was, is, and will be. That's what not changes, does not come, or go it is who you really are. My boundlessness makes me shapeless and my formlessness makes me omnipresent, that's where I am, everywhere, that's my body, mind, soul. The world stage is like a movie projected on a movie screen, you're like the movie screen that remains undamaged wich ever movie plays on it. When everything is light (the breath of God), the clash between forms has no meaning. Heaven is here and now, there is no other time, there is no other place. Heaven is no place, or state, it is a consciousness of perfect unity and the realization that there is nothing outside of this unity, or inside. In that sense, being born in a body is impossible, one time, or several times. Life is lived between the unborn and no death. Now, unborn, unchangeable, boundless and formless, no one else than you, that's who you are. In summary, life is about truth, love, peace, happiness and gratitude. What you are is so unprecedented, you have no idea. WOW!

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I Am, Was, Is and Eternal

In many ways, Maitreya of Nazareth, our views are alike but in some they are not. I prefer not to say "I am love" unless specified "unconditional love" I also call "in the difference between love and hate".

I an a spark of the eternal energy which continue to incarnate and discarnate as every attribute of every physical manifestation for imprinting the memories into my being until I have manifested and obtained memory of every characteristic of every physical form in existence. Once done I become the life-force of all existence observing all of my many incarnated manifestations as an objective observer until it is time for another "I Am, Was, Is and Eternal" to replace me as I go through a forgetting process in order to began another line of incarnations.

That is my short version.

--Elijah "NatureBoy"--
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Elijah_NatureBoy | Sat, 07/15/2017 - 15:29