Who is Tantric?

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Who are Tantriks ?
These two key questions troubled me from my early childhood. I was born in Rural India and at early age I listened the facts about some black magic done by someone or the magical powers of some Tantrik who sits in the Cemeteries. I used to think that why these people live in Cemeteries and how come they got these powers.

With time when I grew older I started thinking that, Are these powers real or just a way to fool the people around and earn some quick and easy money. And if the powers are real then is it necessary to sit in a Cemetery to get these powers. I was confused and never got a satisfactory answer till the time I started digging it myself. With time after teenage I started looking for answer with more passion. After the research of many years, after reading the journals and research papers of many scientists of different countries and after meeting many real Tantriks I somehow came to know that what exactly the fact is.

Defining tantraFirst I understood the term Tantra. Tantra ( तंत्र ) means system, it signifies the name. So every system in this holy nature is ultimately a Tantra. In fact independence is a state where we are allowed to run our own system, that is why it is called as “Swatantra” ( स्वतंत्र ) in Hindi. Here “Swa” means your own and “Tarnta” means system. It means when you are allowed to run your own system then you are “Swatantra” or Independent. There are many different and complex systems available in this nature and understanding them is always beneficial for any one to live a happy and healthy life. Yoga is itself a Tantra (System).

Understanding and running a system is the job of a Tantrik. So one who knows any system end-to-end and has capabilities to run the system smoothly is a Tantrik in true sense. This not necessary that a Tantrik can be seen in black or shady clothes with a lot of rosaries around his neck, with ashes on his body or face. These can be tools of a Tantrik to understand the system but not a necessity.

One more thing a Tantrik is not an alien specie and they are equally human as you and me. Yes… there is strong opinion in people in India that a Tantrik is always bad and performs “Totkas” or malicious activities to harm someone. Tantriks are not good at all and they are mostly involved in illegal activities. Unfortunately “TV shows” as well telecasts the darker side of moon only. I never saw any TV show featured on the good deeds of a Tantrik hence this castes a deep down impression in the hearts of citizens that Tantriks are bad people and one should keep a distance from them. This opinion did not came just like that I understand that many people used their powers in wrong directions and performed some bad work but in which stream we don’t see negative minded people. If you see a true Tantrik then it is sure that you are meeting someone who knows at least one system perfectly and can be a good source of knowledge. But first you need to understand that who is true Tantrik.

How Tantrik got powers ? If they are simple scholars of system then how come they are having some mystical powers which are easily not available. How come they can change someone’s fate by chanting some Mantras and how come they can even see the future events.

So practically speaking no one can change your fate. If there is something written to happen in your life then that thing will take place for sure. Only thing a Tantrik can do is he can reduce the intensity of bad events and increase the intensity of good events. Let us say you are destined to meet an accident on so and so date. That accident can be fatal but a Tantrik can reduce the intensity and you will meet an accident on same day on same time but the accident will be with a bicycle where you will receive some scratches only. So definitely a Tantrik can change the intensity but not the event. Every event in your life are governed by the rays and powers of the planets around. These events gets effected from your own deeds as well. Now every event is a compound set of balanced rays of every planet, some are more and some are less. A Tantrik knows that which ray can change the intensity of this event. Hence changing the intensity with the help of mantras is possible, as every planet is bound with a set of seed letters as well so by correct set of mantra the set of rays can be manipulated in the favor of an individual.

An astrologer can predict the future (where predictions can go wrong) but a Tantrik can see future. With long hours of meditation and activation of certain chakras one can have the powers to see futures. We all have this power, we call that sensation Déjà vu. We can call it a sensation but this is a power of our chakra and if this is a power then the power can surely be increased. What if we increase the power to utmost level by activating our chakra via Yoga and Pranayama then we can make this small Déjà vu state work like a movie in front of our eyes. This is a powerful system which lies in our body we just need to understand it. We don’t need to sit in cemetery to activate our chakra or we don’t need to wear such outfit to look like a Tantrik to achieve this, we just need to live a disciplined life and have a control on our body and thoughts.

Hence ultimate results – Tantra is just a system but the system can be very complex that you need years or some times lives to understand complete system. A Tantrik is one who understands the system and this is really tough to find a real Tantrik. Don’t get into the clutches of hypocritical Babas, they just want to run behind money and may ruin your life. A real Tantrik never need money from you, he has his own ways to get money and they are most independent people who can handle any situation in their life. They will help you without any desire. If you see anyone with this kind of property then respect him but don’t blindly trust him. Next there is nothing above and beyond the law of your nation hence any activity which hurts anyone in any sense should be considered as an illegal offence and you should leave the Tantrik immediately who ask you to walk on an illegal path