Who is ‘Hiranyagarbha’?

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Who is ‘Hiranyagarbha’?
God is unimaginable and nobody can see God. Such God charges a medium to give His presence. The God charged first created being is the Hiranyagarbha. It is equivalent to the saying of Christian ‘The Heavenly Father’. When one say heavenly father, immediately one can imagine Him. Thus, God expresses through a created item, which He charges by entering it. Such first created item is the Hiranyagarbha.
Hiranyagarbha also means he, who has gold in the womb. Womb means hidden. A pregnant woman has a child in her womb and the child is not seen outside. Here, ‘garbha’ means hidden and ‘hiranya’ means gold.

What is the gold? Gold is said to be most precious metal. God hidden in human form is called as Hiranya Garbha or human incarnation. Jesus is Hiranya Garbha because God is hidden in Him. It is applicable to any human incarnation. We should not take the literal meaning. It is just like the usage of the word ‘lamb’in Old Testament to denote God. It means as lamb is innocent, God is also innocent, straight and clear. Hence, the word ‘lamb’ denotes God.



Hiranyagarbha is a Sanskrit word which means an egg of golden hue and its another meaning is 'BRAHMA'.
Hiranya means golden, a gold-coin, golden ornament, silver, wealth.
Garbha in Sanskrit means gribh=grabha, or graha, girati,geeryatervaa. Garbha means womb, belly, foetus, inside, offspring, joint.
Hiramya also means golden, silvery.

Prior to sun rising or at the time of sun rising east becomes the hue of gold (yelloish-rosy) which means day comes/arises from golden hue. It is mentioned that universe started from Hiranyagarbha Which is the state to have to be spoken prior to 'BIG BANG THEORY' in Science. Due to this big bang galaxies started to manifest. Various kinds of solar system came into being.

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