Who Created the Creator?

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After one of my recent Blog postings about God’s creating us, someone wanted to know, Who created the Creator? OK guys, you want an answer? To be honest, I doubt that our finite minds could understand completely if it were explained to us. The Council has said many times that our vocabulary is very limited and our three dimensional understanding of life does not make it any easier but, let us look at it this way: Since God's existence has no end why should it have a beginning? So, the simple answer is, God always was. And as Einstein pointed out, the closer your speed is to the speed of light, time ceases to exist, therefore there is no time in the spiritual realms. Everything is NOW. The Council refers to it as the ever-present now. The past is now and the future is now. For God everything is now. Actually, if properly explained it is even more complicated than that but I would need to explain more about the different levels of the mind and the functioning of the soul through those levels of consciousness into the physical world that appears to be solid and real. Simply put, God does not exist in time and space, therefore, He is not bound by such rules as we are.

Questioner: Would you please explain why or how God or the Infinite was always here?

The Council: Here again, there is really no explanation for it. Not because there is not, but because you just cannot explain something like that in words. You have a tendency with words to box in or lower the whole situation. God is a Being whose whole existence is a Consciousness. Now mind you, regardless of what words we use, we are doing our Creator a grave injustice in trying to explain or describe His Glories. At times with such questions we would just sooner not try to explain since there is nothing near adequate. This is a Conscious Existence of an All-Powerful Force which is, in a way you cannot understand, a Being, a live, live Being, but again not "alive" in the sense that you know it, for in comparison you are less than dead. Even in your spiritual state you would be less than dead, so it is a Consciousness that has always permeated.

Questioner: There was no beginning, just always was. Is that what you are saying?

The Council: That is what we are saying. It is impossible for the human mind to comprehend something like that. It is almost impossible for us to comprehend something like that. Yet, even though we have a greater degree of understanding, we cannot even put it in words because there are no human words available. The closest one could come is that there is a Conscious Being, a Conscious Existence, that is in total complete. Now this probably does not make any sense to you, but that would be the closest explanation.

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That's exactly the essence:

That's exactly the essence: there is no creator, only creation. Our mind is used to believe that if there is something than there must be someone who dit it. Look inside and you will see that even in you there is no one who creates or does anything.

john | Fri, 02/18/2011 - 16:56
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"GOD" is Infinite........

God is Infinite...Endless....Ever present!
God is "Absolute"

To see 'GOD'with some Name and Form...capturing with Time and Space......is LIMITING GOD!!!

GOD is Beyond Limit.Human who is Finite...can not limit God
with his limited perception.

He can at the best Explore 'GOD'and its infinite Power in a different Forms,Facts and Figure...What Science is doing....
Science and God are not two different pole...but it is unfolding the knowledge of God's Wisdom.That is why it is called...Human birth is the most precious one!!!

To understand "GOD and his Creation"....one has to be "ONE" with "GOD".....that is possible....that is the only way to experience it!

WISDOM lies behind Feeling the Experience....this experience can not be Translated in Limited Words!!!

bonya basu | Sat, 02/19/2011 - 06:10