Who are your thoughts?

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Beyond and further
Observing the end in me,
A fragment of a destination,
Nirvana is but not the soul, who seeks it,
This empty place where me was not me any more,
For there was no Ego to be found,
If you listen carefully you might grasp the glimpse of the truth
If I dreamt or was awake,
It does not really matter, it was noting, It was everything,

The thoughts is a lie,
The thoughts is your enemy and your quest,
Who are your thoughts?

In observing the thinkers thought,
The realisation is,
I do not exist, I am, but I am not

I spoke to something or someone,
Who was a sensation, a feeling that listening
The path exist, but there is no traveller on it

When you realize that desire, and ignorance has to be removed to end suffering,
The road ahead leads to joy and happiness,
Endless love and Bliss who will be felt in your heart and soul

Why is it so difficult for human to understand?
To find this peace, to find this love in the core of your being?

Love is the truth, which are God and you

*.¸.**.¸.**.¸.*Love & blessings, monijane *.¸.**.¸.**.¸.*