Who are the Saints and What do They Teach?

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On order to fully understand the subject, we must first have a clear description of the term "Saint" or "Sant". So many mistaken notions are current about "Sant Mat" [The Teachings of the Saints; the Science of God-realisation, practised while living in this world.] that even a large number of educated people, including some of the leading exponents of various religious thoughts, do not seem to understand it clearly. The term 'Sant', 'Saint' and 'Sadhu' are so widely misunderstood that any beggar in saffron robes is loosely called a Sadhu, which term was originally used to denote a person who is highly developed spiritually, and has crossed the regions of matter and mind.
It should be made clear from the outset that Sadhus do not recommend outward formalities, rites, rituals, modes of living, symbols or any special type of clothing. They are above castes, creeds, races, countries and nationalities. Nor is the term 'Saint" used in the sense in which it is generally applied in the Christian world; that is, one canonised by the Roman Catholic Church, or a holy person. As B.A. and M.A. are degrees connoting academic qualifications, so are the terms 'Saint' or 'Sant' or 'Sadhu' degrees in the school of Spiritual Science. According to the teaching of the Saints:
(1) "Bhekh" or the Initiate is he who follows the principles of the Teachings of the Saints and makes sincere efforts to tread the path of God-realisation "within", according to the instructions of the Master.
(2)"Shishya" or Sikh is a disciple who has reached the first stage on the Way and who sees the Light of the Flame within. Guru Gobind Singh says "A shishya is he who sees the Living Flame within himself"
(3)"Gyani" is one who has reached the Brahm stage, which is the Fountainhead of all knowledge, whence the creation of the three gunas [Harmony, action/activity and inertia/darkness] and the five tattwas begin. [The essences, elements which are five in number and may be gross or subtle. The entire universe is made up of the five tattwas: earth, water, air, fire, ether]. This is the highest stage of the yogis, gyanis and most of the religions of the world.
(4)"Sadhu" is one who has reached the Par Brahm Region. Kabir says, "Sadhu is he who conquers this fort." The last census recorded the number of so-called sadhus in India at five million. But if you try to find the real Sadhus, perhaps you will not be able to find even five. Kabir says: "None hath seen bags of diamonds, packs of lions, flocks of 'Hansas' or groups of Sadhus"
(5)"Sant" is He who has attained the highest stage and has become one with the Lord. The drop, having merged with the Ocean Itself. "God and God's men are one. There is no distinction." (Kabir)

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There are many types of saint such as a yogi,risha,sivayogi,siddha,munivar,thavasi,..etc.A Siddha in Sanskrit means "one who is accomplished" and refers to perfected masters who, according to Hindu belief, have transcended the ego and have subdued their minds to be subservient to their Awarenes.

A siddha has also been defined to refer to one who has attained a siddhi. The siddhis as paranormal abilities are considered emergent abilities of an individual that is on the path to siddhahood, and do not define a siddha.


1.Meditating on 'OM' is the means to remove sadness and attain happiness

2.Belief in GURU and you shall realise all the powers within you.

3.Belief in the yogic power within you, belief in GOD and you will obtain total bliss and happiness.

4.Attempting to realise yourself is the means to attain your goals.

5.By giving love, we can attain immense wealth and happiness in life

6.If you proceed into spiritual life with love,determination,patience and a firm mind, you will obtain jnana and realise joy

7.Living with wealth is good,living with the guidance of god is extremely good

8.Belief in god and you shall overcome all sorrow

9.Sincere prayers to god,will certainly remove sadness,misery and worries, hapiness will grow

10.The path of love is the secret of success

11.Always analyse yourself,misery and failure is not for you.

12.There is nothing that cannot be archieved with love, by adding purity,patience and persistance with love, you will definately have an enlightened life.

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