Who am I? /Who are You?

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We think we know more than others because we on the spiritual Path,that it's all a dream, the great Maya. That others are deluded by it, but when "they" become spiritual, then they will learn more and start to understand.
Here's a Question to ask yourself. If we know all this is a dream, an illusion of Maya, created by God, and we know?, we really are ONE with God, isn't Maya just as much our illusion as it is His?. So why haven't we freed ourselves from it?, why do we have fear of what happens in it?.
Do we really like it? and just don't want to let go? or do we have to taste the Bliss of our true nature before we are willing to let go, like the gurus and holymen who are really One with God.
The Question for me is how long do I have to discuss spiritual illusion and not be able to describe the nectar of my real blissful self, or will I even want to when I get there.

P.S if one of you wakes up feel free to pinch me and shatter my dream, I will be greatful, truly I will be greatful.

OM shanti

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The answer is simple

You have one tiny error in your post. Recognizing this tiny error yields the answer to your question.

The error is your usage of the word "know" ("If we know all this is a dream, an illusion of Maya..."). We, of course don't know that, we only speculate, we believe that it is so, we heard from others that it is so, we hope that it is so but we have no valid way to know this right now in our state.

The gateway to realization is to admit that, not to hold any belief and present is as if it is knowledge. To throw away all concepts, theories, speculations and be able to stand naked. This is extremely difficult, especially to the ego which suddenly has nothing to brag about, no knowledge, no asset, no certainty. Nothing.

kamil | Thu, 01/05/2012 - 19:43