Who am I? The Way of inquiry.

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There have been lot of discussions about our being the body or not, each giving justifications one way or the other or being skeptical.

The way of inquiry as advocated by Ramana Maharshi, in so far as is known to me, is not to be confounded with a rational or intellectual approach to whether we are the body or not.

At the outset one is to give up the idea that one is the body ( keep aside thoughts arising from such associations) and look from whence the I thoughts arises or by internally repeating I I I ... try to trace it to its source. If the thoughts or doubt arise then one is to ask the question -- to whom arises the doubt or thought. The answer would be to me and then one should focus back on Who am I.

He made it very clear that meditations that employ the thought of Soham ( I am That) are not part of inquiry (Vichar). So it could also be taken that I am not the Body idea is also not the path of inquiry but could at best, be a prelude to it.