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Who will,what will help me to reach my ultimate goal???
Dont we all question ourselves this a hundred odd times? Why do we all feel so confused and lost?
I was born in a moderately religious Hindu family.My parents were simple,god fearing people who gave me a very conducive environment,where i was given the freedom to grow with my own beliefs.
I grew up listening and reading about LORD KRISHNA,LORD RAMA and all the other Hindu Gods.I started believing in Hindu mythology with its own theories of KARMA,REBIRTH,HEAVEN-HELL,REINCARNATION.
I married into a Jain family which followed the Path as depicted by the TIRTHANKARAS.I got a good chance to see and learn about a different philosophy,a new ideology and eventually i became an ardent follower of LORD MAHAVIRA,PARSHWANATH etc.I visited many Jain Holy places all deeply influencing my religious beliefs.
While growing up I had started reading OSHO,which i admit opened my limited outlook and also changed my conservative mindset.His preaching exposed me to a greater self analysis and made me realize that i had to find my own inner calling.
I also was influenced by my Muslim friends who gave me an insight into their religion.
Later after a series of personal setbacks I was promised peace by a group that was practicing BUDDHISM.For some time i was inspired and influenced by their ideology.I don't deny that the pracise is highly progressive and elevating.But somehow my inner conflict does not get resolved.I have been fortunate to see different paths but have not been able to come to a conclusion.
Today i wonder whether i am unable to understand the answer or if my question is wrong?????
Everyday we see a new assurance,a new promise,a new hope to help us with our dilemma but it does not change anything.All and everything just gives a temporary relief, I guess it is because we all want a life without any sorrows and hardships.We keep running and running,assuming that this or that will help us of our miseries, but is that right????Will this actually help??? What should be my actual quest?What is the meaning of spirituality?
I realized that OSHO had talked about this inner conflict and mentioned that with all the help that is available outside we will have to find our own spiritual path inside.I agree with him and my endevour is to make my own way and search for my truth!!!!!

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"Who will,what will help me

"Who will,what will help me to reach my ultimate goal???"
there was a time when i too, asked myself such questions....and to get answers for these i used to read a lot of 'spiritual' books of various spiritual masters. But eventually, i realized reading books and listening to others experiences don't get you any closer to your answers coz the bottom line is ----its an individual journey.
To be honest i don't know why i am sharing my thoughts with you coz i usually do that with a very few people! but anyways since i have written this much ...lemme give the answer i got to the above question.....only one's guru can help one reach one's ultimate goal....so begin your search now!

tulika_sh | Thu, 04/01/2010 - 17:31
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nikita garg | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 05:15
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waiting for it to happen

The question that i keep asking myself repeatedly is the one that haunts other people too.As for the answer that you have shared with me i would like to say something...........I believe that when the right time comes THE GURU automatically comes to us.Our rational mind is always playing games it us and hence just entangles in futile contradictions.I feel that the seeker will find the right direction when the opportune time comes.Yes but one must keep making efforts and also keep our hearts and mind open to embrace when this miracle happens.I patiently wait and hope that on my this journey i will be found by my guide and mentor.

nikita garg | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 05:27
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coudn't agree more!

I completely agree with you!!! Just one last thing i'd like to say.... its one thing saying a particular thing and another to actually apply it...for instance "keep our hearts and mind open" is easier said than done...anyways thats MY opinion!
An honest seeker WILL find his/her guru when the time comes!.....i can say this by personal experience!:)
good luck to you!


tulika_sh | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 07:49
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Nothing is easy but nothing

Nothing is easy but nothing is IMPOSSIBLE too.Yes i do agree that it is easier said than done but i think that if we our able to change one small thought inside us it leads to series of subsequent transformation. so we should just think positively and thats the best we can do.Honestly that works!!!!!!!

nikita garg | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 17:02
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"I patiently wait and hope that on my this journey i will be found by my guide and mentor."

Those who are really hungry can't afford to be that patient. If you want water underground you will have to dig deep at one place.

Ramana Maharshi says that the very urge indicates that you have been blessed with the Grace from within (inner guru) so all that you need is to keep striving.

joejo | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 10:55
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all about patience

Patience is a virtue that we all learn from our experiences.In adverse situations it is patience that helps us.Desperate attempts only add to the existing chaos.Anyways what i mean by patience is to be consistent in our effort and not give up easily.Running aimlessly does not help anyone.In life We find a lot of our answers when we WAIT AND WATCH.It is always healthy to be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE.This helps to deal with situations,people,society etc more efficiently.Only by simplifying our day to day life can we strive for a higher goal.

nikita garg | Fri, 04/02/2010 - 16:57
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where is the confusion?

i dont see any confusion in your statement.you are asking help to reach your ultimate goal and you know that you will find it when the opertune time will come.you also know that only you have to do is to go on putting your efforts keeping your heart and mind open. you are striving for a life without sorrow and hardship and you know that by simplifying your day to day life you can achieve it. you have visited many schools of thoughts and are acquainted with many techniques, some of which you must have tried with the results best known to you. so at the end, your querries about your actual quest or the meaning of spirituality or even search for a way to your own truth, creat confusion to others. can you be please more clear and prescise what actually is THAT you are looking for??

Shailendra | Sun, 04/04/2010 - 06:40
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THANKS for stating that i dont seem to be confused!!!!I am really just sharing my thoughts.its more an effort to pen down my innermost thoughts in my moment of introspection.Its with no intention of creating any confusion.I wish that we all knew what we are looking for???Aren't we all searching for something?????

nikita garg | Wed, 04/07/2010 - 14:42
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whatever path, it is of no importance

whichever path you want, it is unimportant. The best path is no path. Just flow with whatever happens.

Ask yourself: who is it that chooses the path, observe it and then go on with your stuff.

sisi | Sun, 04/04/2010 - 07:42
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YES, what you say is true its not important to question always but it is essential that we believe.I would like to add something that i had read somewhere......"GOD'S blessings come as a surprise ,but how much we receive depends on how much our heart believes"Lets have faith and just flow as you say too......

nikita garg | Wed, 04/07/2010 - 14:50
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modes or means

Dear Nikita,

Yours and ours path is the path to Oneness of God. Once firmly grounded in this, you just need to be consistent in your conviction.

Remember, God is the only subject and object of spirituality. One will find many guides and gurus, with many techniques and methods, but all leading to just one and only God. We have to set aside the ritualistic differences and accept the spiritual commonalities.

Destination is one, modes or means of transportation may be many.


Azeemi | Tue, 05/11/2010 - 10:45