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In the past five years I have been in five states and numerous beds. At the moment I am lookig for yet another room here in California. Kundalini people IMO are better alone or possibly with other Kundalini active individuals. Being with other non Kundalini activated folks can bring some stress for all involved and can bring trying situations.

At this time I am not able to live alone here because of finances. So as I seek a place to live I am very conscious of whom I may be living with. I have to be ever vigilant of my emotions and feelings and make sure that I do not over react to situations and lose control.

It has been a roller coaster ride for me in terms of emotions. The up/downs of all my feelings have taken some interesting turns. At this time in my process my emotions are more under control by that I mean an emotion comes up I acknowledge it and then cancel or let it go. This is a much better place to be than the hyper state I have experienced for so long. And it will offer a much better living situation to live with others.

chrism has many articles that speak to this phenomena of Kundalini. I am grateful for these teachings that help me handle the many situations when it comes to the emotional events that can occur.