Where ever we reside is our home and with whom ever we interact are our people.

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111) When you seek help from a person in powerful position for materialistic needs, you are left without peace of mind. When you seek help from an spiritually elevated person you are richly benefited.
31st December, 1997
112) People constantly chanting and thinking of “LORD ” may not get longivity but have the satisfaction of attaining the Lord.
15th July, 1997
113) Your religion is of no consequence. It is the burning desire to seek the "SUPREME" which should matter most.
16th August, 1997
114) Where ever we reside is our home and with whom ever we interact are our people. Lead an amicable life with out differences.
4th July, 1993
115) I am the teacher and the taught. I am the donor and also the donee.
11th July, 1993

116) Cling to the feet of your "GURU" with out leaving them. Only then there is a possibility of enlightenment.
15th July, 1993
117) Discharging of your responsibilities does not entitle you to stop earning money. So long as the health permits, one has to earn money till he completes his karmic obligations also.
15th July, 1993
118) Either the envy that your brother is earning more or the ego that you are dining with a person of lesser status are a part of your thinking process, you cannot earn love, affection and goodwill of others.
16th July, 1993
119) Water dilutes milk, whereas devotion added to "SAI" makes the bond stronger. The divine light of "SAI" will manifold wisdom.
17th July, 1993
120) Do not borrow from friends and relatives. The debts may turn out as last nails in your coffin.

19th July, 1993