Where is the destiny ?

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I believe in karma, what you give, you get return but God gave us free will too, we can choose what we wanna give. He created us from unlimited love, He gave us love and He is the love, we pray to Him, we praise Him and then we turn to world and hurt people around, make somebody's life more worthy then other, sacrifice one's love for another's love and explain our deeds as a destiny...Is it not arogance in front of God, is it not fear ? Seeking the comfort of our conscience ?

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uncover our self deceptions

"Is it not arrogance in front of God, is it not fear ? Seeking the comfort of our conscience ?"

Maybe and therefore we should always inspect our motives, find out our hidden agendas in doing this or following that, crush our self assurance. We should always trace how we deceive ourselves this time - it is not a matter of whether we deceive ourselves or not as we always deceive ourselves, what changes is the how.

When we deceive somebody else - there is the unbiased somebody else that may uncover our deception. When we deceive ourselves, we are both the deceiver and the deceived and so we are completely biased - therefore it is so difficult to uncover these self deceptions and so vital.

leo | Fri, 12/12/2008 - 16:45
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Agreed. This is what becoming conscious is about.

As to free will, there is none, but many are not positioned to understand what this means and so they will distort it. There also is no destiny, which misses the point that there is no person to either exercise free will or to experience destiny. Naturally, ego will not want to see this because no free will means no control, but it will justify the notion of free will on the basis of responsibility. The arrogance is in believing one is in control of one's life and 'God' is not.

Phroggy | Fri, 12/12/2008 - 20:48
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destiny : in search of

within you.
a musk deer searches, from where the fragrance emits.
it runs hither and thither.
It is in its naval chamber.
similarly, our destiny is inside us.

Surya Kumar Mishra | Fri, 05/14/2010 - 09:18