When You Don't Hold on to Thinking, You Are Peace Itself

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"When you hold on to thinking,
then you are a person.

It is not wrong
but that is what makes you a person;
the attention grabbing hold of and being
involved with thinking.

If attention does not grab hold of thinking,
then that person that you think you are is not there.

All of your stress, all of your problems,
the concrete sense of ‘me’
all do not exist in that.

You are free from it.

When you are free from being a person,
there is only consciousness, only joy, only peace.

That is your nature
when you have become free of being the person.

When you go back to being a person again
by identifying with thinking,
the consciousness that is joy, that is peace
still remains. It is always here.

It is just that your attention has turned away from it.

Become aware of this process
and practice resting
in not being a person at all.

Practice remaining free from the person
from longer and longer periods of time.

In this, you will discover that you are Joy itself.



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