When I see a very expensive car

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When I see a very expensive car, I see a man who realizes at the last moment that it was all in vain,

and then dies,

either regretfully

or laughingly if he is lucky enough.

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It applies also to zealous spiritual people

I think it applies not only to career business people who strive to gain more and more but also to anyone who takes life seriously, including and especially zealous spiritual and religious people.

The sooner one realizes that it doesn't really matter and that all those who claim that it matters base their argument on an assumption only, and indeed the sooner one surrenders to this existential fact and laughs, the sooner one starts to enjoy life fully as a game.

This is the main and almost all of the matrix in which all of us are.

Jasmin | Mon, 02/22/2010 - 20:16