When the Heart Sings

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The following is an example of the poetic style that Mr. LePar's spiritual source, The Council, often used in the closing of a trance session. There is really nothing that I can add to the words below. The Council:

Something to think about: When the heart sings, when the eyes can see a little beauty in small things, when the heart laughs, when the heart experiences joy and warmth, when the lips smile, and the voice is raised in a loving laugh of joy, then that soul is given proof that it has created a thing of beauty, and the seed of that creation was planted in the past. If that soul will choose to look even more at the beauty in the small things that exist, it will continue to create for itself not only small beautiful things but it will gradually begin to create large beautiful things for itself. So when the eye sees a little beauty here or a little joy there and it appreciates it, it will then begin to look a little more or a little harder, and it will then begin to see even more beauty and more joy. And in so doing then the heart begins to laugh and feel joy to a greater proportion than what it did before, and if the heart is happy, if it sees beauty, if it experienced joy, then it is a reflection of the thought, the mind, of the entity, and if that is the reflection, then it means it is creating even more. So it becomes an unending circle. It is an unending spiral that grows upward. Look for something joyful. Look for something small and tiny that is joyful. Then look for something small and tiny that is beautiful. Appreciate that joy, that beauty, savor it, place it in your heart, and keep it in your thoughts. And in so doing you open your blind eyes to greater light, greater beauty, thus the heart rises up and the consciousness creates more and more that is godly. If you laugh today, it is because you have created something joyful yesterday.

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