When anybody is really "Thirsty",

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Every Soul is not Hungry or Thirsty for "GOD","TODAY" is not the turn for every "SOUL" to become "Thirsty", The turnes comes with his Grace, If every "Soul" becomes thirsty for "GOD" than there will be the Blank out of the peoples on the "EARTH", Thus "HE" do not want to destroy his "GAME" "GAME" "GAME" "GAME" "GAME",

Think anything about me, Even Stupid or any weapon of "MAYA" (who can stop, It is a Respectful Choice),

When anybody is really "Hungry or Thirsty", Then the Dirty food also becomes Delicious for Him or Her,

The Real Thing is Humble Thirstness for "GOD"

"Mahatma Bhudd" was really "THIRSTY" so he suffered a lot & changed many gurus in his life time,

We should think about "OURSELFS" (Not others)

ARE we "Thirsty" , or not,

Just think to cool about our "Thirstness"(if it is really)

Sorry! fr using anything wrong or pinching,
Respect, Goodbye.