When any body found themselves surrounded with many problems in life

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Om shree Ganeshay Namaha
Problems are may come in anybody’s life due to any of reason but some time people find them self in ocean of problem .The can’t understand what to do and what to for problems. Some time they also overlook some good suggestion for over come problem on the contra they chose wrong path.
Solution s of problem are but they are confused .Example Like when you forgot your road to highway (suppose no any board there) you may find three you can not able to decide which road will you chose.
Then some body come and guide you for correct way of high way. Than you have no problem to reach your Destination.
Lord Ganpati is Vighnaharta Devta their any mantra by Japa yoga can give peace and help to over come any short of problem by giving any message though any medium of flash, Intuition, dream or by any suggestion of any friends, family member or spiritual person.
There are many lord Ganesh Mantras people can select according to their liking.
We can continuous japa in our mind and also we can listen any of their mantra during morning or evening time . you may feel It will run in your subconscious mind continuously.
• Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah
"Praise to Lord Ganesha". This is the mantra of prayer, love and adoration. It is chanted to get Ganesha's blessings for the positive starting of a project, work or simply to offer him the praise.
• Aum Gan Ganapatye Namah
This is Lord Ganesha's mula ("root") mantra .It is also known as his ''beej'' Mantra. This mantra is used for Yoga Sadhana in which we pray to Lord Ganesha and merge ourself with the supreme knowledge and peace. This is a mantra from Ganapati Upanishad. One can always use it before starting any new venture so that success comes without any hassle.

Aum Shri Ganeshaya Namah