what is yours.

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what is our own.one small boy asked this question to the king.
It is big story of King Janak who got enlightment on the reply of small boy.The King was offering his entire kingdom to the boy but boy was asking king's own property. The boy was repeatingly asking king's own but king could not understand.

The Boy says whatever he (king) was offering was his father and his father may have of his earlier fathers so what was of king.

Ultimately,the boy clarifies that hey king nothing is yours.we everybody are not owner of any thing.Only our Mind is our own property.Please give God this Mind and follow his instructions.

whatever is visible will be vanished but only invisible will exist.Our words are invisible but it has great effect.

please understand your Mind.Get summary of Thoughts before sleep as to what type of thoughts we received.Repeated thoughts of same Nature may indicating some accumulated past karms.