What you do and call meditation is not meditation

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What you do is not meditation. What you call meditation is usually not meditations. Those workshops, those preperations, those sitting with eyes closed, those involving even a bit of effort - these are not meditations, and deep down you know it by feeling.

True meditation is not even concentration. Concentration is still mind. Meditation is going beyond even that.

It is very hard to describe meditation in words since meditation is a state beyond words and mind.

It is being, it is when the flow of thoughts ceases or more acurately, the flow of thoughts can still be but you are not attached to it, the same way, the flow of clouds happen in the sky but it does not relate to you and your state.

The closest thing in words to describe meditation is being, presence, a subject without objects, a center without attention whatsoever.

You should not struggle to achieve meditation. Struggle is opposite to spirituality. You should not desire it. It will come when it comes if it comes. And if not, it is also OK. Beware not to set targets and expect benefits and achievements. There is nothing more anti-spiritual than that. Nothing.

With this regard, I love the way Osho tries to disperse this confusion between concentration and meditation:

Meditation is not concentration. In concentration there is a self concentrating and there is an object being concentrated upon. There is duality. In meditation there is nobody inside and there is nobody outside. It is not concentration. there is no division between the in and the out. The in goes on flowing into the out, the out goes on flowing into the in. The demarcation, the boundary, the border, no longer exists. The in is out, the out is in; it is a non - dual consciousness.

Concentration is a dual consciousness: that's why concentration creates tiredness; that's why when you concentrate you feel exhausted. And you cannot concentrate for twenty-four hours, you will have to take holidays to rest. Concentration can never become your nature. Meditation does not tire, meditation does not exhaust you. Meditation can become a twenty-four hour thing - day in, day out, year in, year out. It can become eternity. It is relaxation itself.

Concentration is an act, a willed act. Meditation is a state of no will, a state of inaction. It is relaxation. One has simply dropped into one's own being, and that being is the same as the being of All. In concentration the mind functions out of a conclusion: you are doing something. Concentration comes out of the past. In meditation there is no conclusion behind it. You are not doing anything in particular, you are simply being. It has no past to it, it is uncontaminated by the past. It has no future to it, it is pure of all future. It is what Lao Tsu has called wei-wu-wei, action through inaction.

But a word of caution: many's tricky and lazy minds will make use of this realization to denounce meditations, to try to claim that meditation is futile although that was not said here.

Beware of such response. Negating meditation in a general way is due to fear of meditation or laziness. Meditation has its benefits even if it is not the true real one. The point is to be aware and honest about what you do.

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Neo Advaitins & Osho

What is the difference between Osho & Neo Advaitins.

Papaji & his brigade have a more coherent and sensible message than all the other mental gibberish & yet I feel they miss the point in seeing where the danger lies.

It is first important to begin to see things as they are before trying to get to their true essence.

The spiritualists (genuine) do not get it right because they inevitably add their subjectivity even though they may have access to something that under normal circumstances one does not possess.

Effortlessness comes through effort of seeing into the daily life as it is being lived and then it's true nature. A journey of howsoever long beings with where one actually is.

joejo | Mon, 06/04/2012 - 01:59