What is Yoga Really?

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Yoga is becoming very popular in the world these days. Even trendy enough to be the marketing angle of some commercials nowadays. But in this great expanse of Yoga into the popular scene and profitability of supply and demand - the true meaning of Yoga can be easy to miss.

With the word "Yoga" having been originally intended to hold a place for symbolizing a super subtle level of Wisdom and Experience beyond words - it can be easy to see how this truth can be missed. Yoga is actually not something that can be learned, bought, packaged, or sold. This article should clarify the true Meaning of Yoga, and How to Realize That Totality...

In this day and age, and even in antiquity we can see all these different kinds of Yoga on the Scene... Kriya Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Raja Yoga, Nada Yoga, Siddha Yoga, Maha Yoga, Sahaja Yoga, Mansa Yoga, Hamsa Yoga, etc. etc.

Actually there is no such thing as these different kinds of Yoga. These names are for the glamour and sparkle to hook you into Yoga, like a trick to attract the mind into a game which is designed to lead to the experience of Yoga. Or it is a way to attempt to package and sell Yoga, saying this our "_____" Yoga, to differentiate it from other types. Also the "name" of a given system of Yoga may refer to the methods of Sadhana, and distinguish the lineage of Masters from which these Methods originated.

Yoga in actuality - is a state of Union; an experience of Totality in which all the distinctions of this as opposed to that have ended. In such a state of all encompassing Awareness there is no longer the Teacher, or the Student, nor is no Method or Attainment. This state of Yoga also is not devoid of these things for it is the Realization of the Pure Consciousness which is the source and Potential for All the Experience of All Phenomena.

All methods of Sadhana and Practices of Yoga, are merely Preliminary Practice, or "Purification" of the Mind (of its contents) for the Experience of Yoga to arise of Itself. Yoga cannot be Attained, for the State of Yoga (that experience it describes) can only be known by means of That State of Total Union Itself. Everything else is only a portion of Reality experienced by means of and within That Infinite Medium of Awareness. Knowing the Fullness of That Awareness - or in other words Experiencing the Self as That All Pervasive Awareness in Union with the Totality of all Infinity, is Yoga.

How can That Infinite Knowing be learned, practiced, or attained through methods? The Methods themselves are not Yoga, for their very nature implies a duality of this as opposed to That, while the Realization described as Yoga includes, sustains, negates, and transcends Everything.

Yoga is synonymous with Experiencing Reality, or Realizing Absolute Truth. Thus That Perfection, or Most Coveted Goal, is the Natural State - Simplicity. That is why the methods of Sadhana and Techniques for "Yoga" are utilized - simply to bring clarity to What Is. In this way the Methods are Not the cause of Yoga, just as in the same way the clouds and wind are not the cause of the Sky. When wind moved the Clouds - the Sky became apparent with clarity to be seen.

Yoga is Self-Realization. Even appearing as Many, There is but One Self. The same applies to Yoga, appearing as many there is but One Yoga.

Contemplate Infinity and Recognize the Indivisible Nature of Being.

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Yoga is becoming really

Yoga is becoming really popular these days and it is really beneficial for health also as it not only maintain our health but maintain our mind also.

antoniolandon | Tue, 08/27/2013 - 13:00