What A Wonder

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What a wonder


This un-snare-ability

Scooping the ocean in the cupped palms of her hand
Glistening droplets shimmering
Slip sliding off her skin

She looked bewitched at the water cascading

And could no more tell
If it was her hand or the ocean


Diamante clad

This exquisite dance

It made no sense

None of it

And the mind grappled to understand at first what the heck was going on

And later ...

What the f just happened here

The mind trying to understand the no-mind


What the heck was it thinking

And the one who would understand
Slip-slided away

Joy and sorrow blend

Seamlessly... flowing

I cannot tell anymore where one ends and the other begins

They were never separate

That quiescence never leaves

Even in the midst of the swirling storms of the mental debris

A strange pensiveness

Even a melancholy
Call it that, if one pleases

The quiescence is always on

This achy-breaky heart
Our tender humanness

Utterly fragile
Most beautimous

I love my crazy
What's not to like

There will always be that crazy coot part of me that I rarely let peek

It's there alright

I delight in it when I see it in you

A picture never can even begin to capture even the half of what's going on

Can it?

And yet here we are

Over the rainbow
After the rain

The price... everything and nothing at all

I'd have shimmied up the nearest tree

Like Shankara

Had I known the tiger already had my scent

No escape

Facing the tiger... utterly un-volitional

No one would choose to be ripped and shredded

The would be chooser collapsed on it's own
And bled out into the lay of the land

And here I am
And you

A song
Singing itself

As the sun lights up the symphony
And the trees whistle along

And the flame of the forest tree
All aglow this morning
After last night's rain

Everything is the same
But by joves
Nothing is the same anymore!

Where the sky
Where the blue

What a wonder that we all appear as we appear

Even appear at all

When there's not even no one and nothing there