That what we desire might be too inferior as compared to what we deserve

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I would like to share an incident that happened to me a few days back.
One fine day I realised that there was an unwanted particle stuck in my feet. Till then it had never bothered me but somehow while I was looking at me feet I happened to find this thing. I told my mother to help me remove it, but she was busy at that moment and later on I too forgot about it. Days passed by and my mom remembered about it. She decided to remove it using a sterlised pin. As she set herself for the task it gave me unbearable pain, and at that moment I felt why the hell was she even removing it; it was so better till then, it was hardly bothering me. But soon I reaslised that it had gone deep under the skin and perhaps could have caused a serious trouble later.
Well, the reason why I felt like narrating this incident is that that it resembled our life to a great extent. These unwanted particles signify the things or the people or the situations which do exsist in our lives because we desire for it and moreover we tend to accept them as a part of our life. And as they do not bother us in anyway we do not understand the negative impact of them either. When our GURU realises these "not required" elements in our life they start the cleansing process which gives us pain because over the years we have been conditioned to live with them. At that moment most of us cannot perceive the significance of this process because of our ignorance and so we keep craving for them. But it is happening because our GURU wants us to cherish what we deserve, which is far more superior to what we had desired.

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Mental particle stuck in the psyche

Your story reminded me some other spiritual fact that was mentioned by S. N. Goenka regarding the Vipassana meditation and your story may be an allegory for it: when you do Vipassana deep-rooted conditioned mental pains are surfing. One may ask why do I need this, let it rest there inside but this mental residue is inflicting indirect pain at some point and dealing with it beforehand in the sterile condition of the Vipassana retreat makes sure it will vanish and cause no more severe pain anymore

Annie | Sun, 06/14/2009 - 21:19