What IS Water

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Imagine or place a glass of water in front of you.

Water-Water is a word. It has no existence in and of itself, it is simply a word pointing to something.
There is no such thing then as 'water'. It is simply something invented. So first see this clearly, that the word water is just pointing to something, it has no reality of it's own. The thing that it is pointing to is something we don't know.

We might say then, okay the word water is just a word but what about wetness? Wetness 'seems' so much closer to home, but what is wetness? Please investigate it.
You will see that wetness to, no matter how close it feels is just another word to describe something essentially nameless. Wetness does not exist, there is no such 'thing' as wetness. Then what is it that we are trying to describe in the glass? well we simply don't know what it is. It does not have any meaning. It is simply what it is and we don't know what it is but we do know that it is.

Perhaps out of a feeling of stupidity, or a desire to communicate we 'invent' let me write that again, we invent -the word water.

So what's in the glass? We don't know.

We might then decide that the taste of that which we don't know -feels a certain way, however we don't know what that feeling is but invent another word and agree to the term wetness. Both Water and Wetness are words that we have created, they have no existence and although allowing us to communicate about the ......... in the glass, it really has absolutely nothing to do with the ...... in the glass. Absolutely nothing.

Times passes, or so we agree, things change and so do words which are relative descriptions. Water is also called H20 but the ........ in the glass remains the same.
It does not matter what you call the .....in the glass but these days the words we have made up seems to matter allot, that's really funny since they have no 'matter' at all ;-)

Using then the above analogy we can apply that to every single thing in life, we don't know what a single thing is, so we make up a world of descriptions pretending to know what we're on about. The truth is we start from a place of not-knowing and then weave a world of descriptions on that which is essentially the unknown.


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