What is True Compassion or Mercy?

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What is True Compassion or Mercy ?
It is very difficult to understand the meanings of true compassion. Only a rare perfect Saint can understand it who dies while living and who has manifested the true Naam or Shabad within him and has relished the taste of nectar (Amrit) inside the body. He sees the treasures of nectar embodied in the heart of everybody.
Guru Nanak Sahib says that he alone can understand compassion who dies while living. He recognises himself and sees all living beings as his own-self. Such a person gets honour in the court of the Lord.
All the human beings are engaged in enjoying bodily and mental pleasures. They are the victims of wordly objects. They believe that to provide wordly pleasures and comforts to the body and mind comprises true compassion. In fact, the soul is diseased which sustains life and gives strength to the mind and the body. However, nobody takes the trouble of curing the soul. The uncherished desires of the wordly objects bring us back into this world time and again and the cycle of transmigration continues endlessly. The true Saints are fully aware of the secrets of human life. They cleanse the soul of its impurities and maladies rather than those pertaining to the body and mind. Only such Saints can be said to be really compassionate. They take pity on our miserable plight. They want that we should get rid of the cycle of births and deaths and reach our real Home. But only a rare person understands this secret who goes within and listens to the Shabad or Word inside the body.
Kabir Sahib says :
All wail for the universe, none wails for Him (God).
He alone wails for Him, who listens to the Word or true Naam.
Param Sant Mastana Shah Balochistani used to say, “In contemplation, when I reflect on the miserable plight of the wordly people, I take to weeping for hours together.”
This incident pertains to the time, when the construction of the building of the Dera Sacha Sauda near Sirsa had hardly started two and a half years ago. Towards the east of the Dera, there was a kacha road and around the Dera there was a fence. Mastana Ji peeped through the fence and saw a cart with a pair of bullocks. The cart was heavily overloaded. The road was flooded on account of a breach in the rivulet. Mud had accumulated on the road. The soil of that area was very sticky. The wheels of the cart had stuck deep in the mud. The cart owner whipped the bullocks but they were unable to pull the cart. Firstly, because the bullocks were very lean and weak. Secondly, the cart was heavily over-loaded and thirdly, mud was very sticky. The cart owner continued to whip the bullocks badly. Mastana ji was pained to see the miserable plight of the bullocks and said, “Alas ! Had these poor bullocks got rid of the vicious cycle of transmigration and attained salvation through meditation and contemplation when they were gifted with human birth, they would have not suffered this sort of severe torture.” We are engaged in enjoying bodily pleasures and are killing ourselves with our own hands. This lands us in misery and ailments. We are hurled into the veritable hell and the wheel of transmigration continues endlessly.
The Saints are fully aware of the conditions of this world and the world hereafter. They are conscious of the deplorable condition which we have to face after death. They take pity upon our miserable plight. They advise us that human birth is most precious and we should benefit by it.
A Saint has said :
Have pity on thyself; and escape the cycle of eighty four.
There was a sufi Saint who spent a simple but contended life. Right from his childhood, he neither ate well nor clothed well. Once his mother asked him, “O dear son, take pity on thyself.” He replied, “Mother, that is what I am doing. By undergoing physical torture in this life for a short while, I will gain eternal peace and happiness.”
Bulleh Shah says :
Undergo torture in this world so that you may attain perpetual bliss in the world hereafter.