What is Soul?

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What is Soul?

[What is Awareness or Atman or Causal body or Soul?] When the food is digested, the inert energy is released. This inert energy is responsible for functioning of lungs, heart, kidneys etc., in the body. When [a part of] this inert energy flows through nervous system, it becomes awareness-energy. The greatest item of the creation is pure awareness (Soul) only. The inert energy like light, heat, electricity, magnetism is more subtle and greater than the inert matter. The life energy that is produced in the oxidation of food is only the heat energy (Tejah sati… Veda) because the oxidation reaction is an exothermic reaction.

But, the awareness, which is generated from the nervous system by the heat energy, is the most subtle and finest form of energy. The awareness disappears in deep sleep and appears when the person wakes up. This proves that the awareness is not eternal but inter-convertible form of inert energy only. Ofcourse, the conversion is not in the hands of the Scientist though the conversion is theoretically proved and accepted. When you stop the supply of food or oxygen, the heat energy is not produced in the digestion and the awareness disappears, which is the state of coma or deep sleep.
Thus, Pure Awareness (Soul) requires the existence of two items. One is the inert energy that is obtained from the digestion of food (Annat Purushah… Veda). The second is nervous system, which alone can convert this inert energy into awareness on functioning. Thus, awareness is dependent on these two items but God is independent and does not depend on the requirement of any other item. Thus, the scholars who are based on the scriptures alone are also answered about this concept through scriptures and logic (Tarka Sastra). Matter (food) is converted into energy and awareness is a form of energy.

Process of Death

When the life energy is not supplied, the death happens. In the last stage of the patient, though digestion stops, the respiration continues. Though food is not supplied, oxygen is supplied. Instead of food, the stored fat is oxidized. Therefore, the patient is alive for sometime in spite of the absence of food. After sometime, the nervous system stops functioning either due to damage in the system or due to inadequate supply of the heat energy. This is the stage of unconsciousness. Finally in the last stage, the oxidation stops and no more heat energy is produced. We say that the human being is dead due to absence of any trace of heat and the body becomes cool. This process of death is described in the Veda (Manastejasi tejassati…). Just in the last fraction of a second of the time of death, a small portion of the heat energy is used in the formation of the energetic body that goes out of the gross body along with the bundle of qualities, which are stored in the mind.

The Scientist cannot prepare this bundle of qualities accumulated from the past millions of births. He cannot bring back this bundle, which escaped from the gross body through the subtle body. Due to this reason only, the dead person cannot be made alive. Otherwise, Science has developed the nervous system and brain in the Robot by introducing a small bundle of qualities as information chip. Therefore, the man is produced but the same man cannot be reproduced. The concept of Robot clearly proves that the awareness is also a form of inert energy because in Robot the electrical energy is converted into the so called awareness, which is only the electro magnetic radiation. This energetic body is called as subtle body or ‘Sukshma Sharira’. This goes to the upper world, which is invisible as said in the Veda (Manomayaha…) and in the Gita (Vayurgandhan, Utkramamtam).

For any authority, the final stage is experience, which alone gives the validity. The analysis of life energy, awareness etc. is done based on the experience of a human being living here. All this is the analysis of the various aspects of the human being living in this world. We have concluded that the awareness is the finest and greatest item in this world based on the practical analysis here itself. If the practical experience is neglected, the logic will lose its basis. In such situation, even the scripture cannot stand because one may say that the scripture itself is a false imagination of some mad person.

Therefore, all this analysis is based on the internal nature of the living human being. The analysis of the human being perfectly gives the analysis of this entire creation because any human being is a part of the creation only. Therefore, the logical analysis and the practical experience associated, forms the Science. Any spiritual aspirant is an ordinary human being only and thus, Science is applicable for analysing your self. In fact, the process of elimination only can do the attainment of self or the casual body, which is a perfect scientific procedure. Self is the best item of the creation and the analysis of self is also a Science.