what should i do, O GOD.

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the people are enjoying their life, but i am passing my life in the other words i can say that i am waiting for my death, daily people enjoy their five sences they enjoy eating different foods, they enjoy dancing by hearing different songs , they enjoy to see and visit different places, they enjoy to smell the fregnences of different foods & perfumes, they enjoy to have sex, so what should i do ,O GOD, please grant me something to enjoy my life, it is too borring god,
"GOD" said my child how can u have the taste of your sixth sence which is kept on the top of your body till u leave all these five sences kept below, so i am giving you the advice , just enjoy ur five sences according to your need, and just try to leave them day by day, and give your full cocentration on ur sixth sence, always respect your teacher or guru, always just try to become like him, always try to company him or her as much as u can , playing love is not so easy, only your teacher or guru can help on this path,
lines said by a poet.