What Is Science of the Soul ?

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There is one God, and only one Way to Him, and for this we employ a complete and definite Science, oldest of the oldest, most ancient and natural, which is the practical side of all religions of the world as borne out by all the scriptures. This subtlest of all sciences is called Para Vidya which has a practical aspect and is the 'Way back to God during lifetime'. Nowadays this Science is called Sant Mat. It is true nobody can know God. Past Masters cannot help, as man needs a Living God-Man to understand things which one cannot follow by mere theory. Therefore, a Living Master is necessary to gain the practical side of the Science. Unless the experience of past Masters becomes our own experience, we get nowhere. The fact of the matter is that God-Power works on a chosen human Pole. A Living Master is therefore God plus man, God-Man i.e. the Mouthpiece of God. Guru, a little often used, is a corresponding word in Sanskrit language. A Guru is one who can remove the dark veil within and show us the real Light of God.