What is Satsang ?

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The holding of shows is not Satsang. The Satsang means the company with truth as Sat means truth and Sang means Company. The Satsang is the name of the union of the soul with the Lord. Satsang usually means a gathering where either music and singing or the recitation of epics and stories or discussions on spiritual subjects take place. Guru Nanak Sahib says on the importance of Satsang that it is that where there is recitation of the only Lord and His Shabd or Nam and talk about the trial of manifesting Him within.
How can a Satsang be recognised ?
It is that place that or congregation,
Where the Name of One alone is uttered. (72/1 M: 1)
The real aim of going to Satsang is that by listening to Lord's Name and His attributes, one gains happiness and longs for union with Him and by thinking of the Lord and reciting His Name, one begins to lose worldly attachments, renounces desires and sensual pleasures.
Highly Destined Beings Get Such a Satsang'
Guru Arjan Sahib says that the hundred thousand of the people want true Satsang and the love and affection of the true Lord. Only those beings get such a Satsang on whom the grace of the Lord is there. Only highly destined beings get it. (276/10 M: 5)
The Influence of Satsang of True Saints,
By keeping the company of true saints only the being realises itself. Vices of attachment etc. start subduing. One comes to know of the true meaning of life. One, being there, gets the gift of initiation which enables one to renounce all the desires from one's heart.
In the region of Puran Purush the streams of peace, stillness and Lord's love blow which bring peace to all the burning, jealously, desires and carvings of the mind. The mind becomes free from ill feelings, fightings, enmities, jealousy etc. and becomes pious, still and motionless. The Saint's company cleans one's mind of malice, hatred, ill-will and animosity. One does not consider anyone enemy or outsider, rather starts considering all as one's own ones. One loves all. One understands the truth of the world being short lived. All the properties acquired will be left here only. Nothing of these will go along with the being at the time of departure. One does not think about the countries, communities and creeds. The love of wife, children and relatives escapes from the heart, rather one starts hating one's own body also as this body also does not help at the departure-time. While living in the world and amidst worldly objects one becomes a true recluse. One becomes confident in mind that there is no one to help without Shabd Guru and after renouncing these bindings, starts preparing to reach one's own Real Home. One's interest in the Shabd Dhun increases. As the soul goes within and drinks the Nectar of Nam, it gets so much pleasure that it can't be compared with any pleasure of the world. Only the being knows the pleasure itself and it is not describable. Some rare seeker takes advantage of Satsang. Such a Satsang is rare.
So says Guru Nanak that one out of millions finds the Ram Nam.
It has been usually seen that people take the gift of initiation and do not attend the Satsang (Spiritual Discourse). If at all they come, they roam outside the Dera and return. They do not sit and listen. If at all they sit their mind is equipped with the thoughts of family affairs. They do not listen to the discourses attentively. If they listen then the mind makes them forget everything as soon as they come out of the Dera. If some one tries to practise the sayings practically then the mind creates hundreds of hindrances and one fails to concentrate at the eye centre in order to catch Shabd Dhun.