What is Real?

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What is real is not that simple a question as it appears and is worth investigating. To the mind its imaginations and its consequences are real. To the eyes the image it receives from outside world is real and so is the case with other senses. We know well the limitation of the senses and sometimes what it takes for real may not be. To a large extent we make use of intelligence to compensate for the limitation of senses but don't do that for minds imagination. This is where the problem lies.

Imagination may be a powerful tool but its unconscious projections hold us captive and are the root cause of the problems. One of the prime examples is that we project our inadequacies and insecurities on to others in a relationship. This not only becomes destructive but also does not allow us to confront the root causes that lie within. We must at all times be able to tell the difference between an imagination (supposition or probability) from a fact.

It is very important to observe ourselves and see how we do no stick to 'What Is' and begin to interpret automatically even when it is not essential. This can be seen in dreams where the interpretation goes on and same is the case in our waking hours. We must be this way or that is an idea too and a conclusion that we may have arrived at without adequate observation and a sound basis.
Observation of daily life must therefore be based not on interpretation or start with a conclusion for it would colour what we discover and only the fact or truth directly discovered is of any value