What is prior to experince of duality or 'I'

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Religionists and thinkers and philosophers who expound the knowledge believe that world is first and people were born in it afterwards. So long this conviction is there, they cannot unfold the the mystery of the mind.They do not know better. When the mind is there, then only the experience of duality is present. Therefore experience of duality or mind is one and the same thing.

Prior to appearance of the experience of duality, there is neither the person nor the world, there is only non dual reality. Only when the experience of duality or 'I' appears the man and the world appears.Experience of duality disappears as non-duality reality unconsciously, which is identified as deep sleep.

Consciously entering the natural state of the mind is the seekers prime goal. This is possible only through FORMLESS SPIRITUALITY.

Many people by reading books of great masters, without going deeper to the core of their teaching, interrupt and understand and assimilate it, in their own level of understanding, and declare themselves to be enlightened. And they refuse to verify their accepted truth, and try to impose their accepted truth, on others as certified truth.

The seeker of truth has to verify throughly, before accepting anything as truth .

One thing the seeker of truth has to keep in mind is, the enlightened will never claim him self as enlightened, nor he claims himself to be a guru. He only guides seeker towards the reality. He points all the obstacles and fatter on the mental journey.

F.S does not say that condemn the religion and god or guru. Seeker has to give them all the respect as per the inherited tradition. Only thing seeker have to keep in mind is that they are not the means to unfold the mystery of the mind, in which the truth is hidden.